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31 days of The Cat Who Writes

Well, Mrs. Hodges, my typist, thought it would be a good idea if I participated in the 31 day challenge for the month of October, at 31 Days


Every day I will write about something that happened that day. Perhaps you would like to see all of the seven litter boxes? Or maybe you would want to meet all the cats I live with? There are six of us. Me, Harper, Charlie, Nepeta, JR, and the kittens, Oscar and Clara.

And you might want to meet the dogs, Martha and Annie.

Or maybe you want to know what I do all day? One thing I never do: clean the litter boxes.

I love being a cat.

Would you like to be a cat?

Love Harper

Day 2 I am helping Mrs. Hodges make a cat costume
ay 3 It is hard to open a book when you don’t have any thumbs
ay 4 Sometimes a cat will share the “dog beds”

About Harper Hodges

Hi, it’s me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types.

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This is an animal blog. Written by animals. Humans are only necessary to type for us. We don’t have thumbs.

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Harper,

    We hope you are doing well, It’s going to be a busy month for you to sharing your adventures to everyone, We would love to meet your furrends both the cats and dogs, and see them. Ever since the big guy set us up with a twitter account we have met lots of wonderful furrends, it’s fun being able to share our adventures, and we look forward to sharing yours as well.

    Your Furrends,

    Skittles & Friends

    • Harper Hodges

      Oh Skittles!
      You have a twitter account? Please tell me what your twitter name is. I love the little bird on twitter. Mine is @thecatwhowrites
      I want to tell my stories every day, I just have to make sure my typist still has enough time to clean the seven litter boxes. With the addition of the two kittens she has to do it every day. She use to go every other day, but it isn’t enough. I may have to put a note in her file and reprimand her.
      Love Harper

  • Marie

    Hi Harper! How are you! We are all looking forward to reading your writings for the October posts. This will be a very exciting month, learning so much more about you!

    We would love to have some posts about each of you (even the dogs) and about what you do during the day. We love day in the life of posts about other cats — always good to know that they sleep a lot also!

    Perhaps you could write a post about what to do if your cat ends up on the roof? Mittens the Magnificent was on the roof last week! This caused a lot of consternation among the humans but Mittens said the view of her domain was worth it 🙂

    We look forward to anything you write, it’s always wonderful!

    MacKayla the Empress, Joel Gray, Mittens the Magnificent and Giblet Paws

    • Harper Hodges

      Dear MacKayla the Empress, Joel Gray, Mittens the Magnificent and Giblet Paws,

      On the roof! Oh dear. Please tell me how you got Mittens down. Maybe Mittens would like to write a guest post about going on the roof? That sounds so brave and exciting. But,probably scary for the humans.

      I will write about each of the cats. Maybe an interview style would work. What do you think MacKayla?
      All my love

      • Marie

        Hello Harper!

        It was most exciting to see Mittens on the roof! It seems that when they did the remodel of the area where the grandparents live there is a new window that doesn’t have a screen. They forgot that and opened it cause it was nice out. And Mittens went right out on the roof! She is rather brave — she was the first to explore the new house as well. And she likes to walk outside on a leash and hang out in the screened porch place to threaten the squirrels (who are very bossy). Of course, I am very brave also but she has the advantage of youth. I don’t get around as well as I used to so I leave the explorations to the younger ones.

        Mittens favorite person is Mac. When Mac saw her up on the roof he screeched really loud and ran to save her. She didn’t really need saving but she was pleased her human was thoughtful and loves her so much.

        Mittens would be happy to write a guest post — she says she is French (she was born in the US but considers herself French anyway) and is quite the storyteller. Although sometimes it’s unclear what is true and not when she gets going!

        And I think an interview style would be delightful — that way each kitty can talk about some of the things they share in common and some of the things that make each of them unique. Interview style is much more personal and in the moment.

        Purrs and headbutts to you Harper,
        MacKayla the Empress

  • Susan W A

    Dear, dear Harper,
    You bring joy to my heart, a smile to my face and a chuckle to my throat. You are wise, kind, insightful and funny. Hmmmm … Pictures of the seven litter boxes. I like that idea, but I’m afraid someone might read your blog while they’re eating, in which case they might not feel too good.

    I am SO looking forward to 31 days of the cat who writes! Yippee! You are an inspiration.

    BTW … I teach English as a second language … a college writing course for non-native English speakers. In a recent essay, several students wrote about their beloved cats. One commented about how her kitty rubbed his head against her. My student was very excited when I taught her the word “nudge”.

    Nudges and purrs to you,

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Dear Susan W A,
      Oh, I love the word nudge. Thank you for teaching that to me. I only learned how to read this year, so there are a few words I don’t know yet. Can you recommend any books to me?

      Good point about the seven litter boxes. Maybe Mrs. Hodges could draw little pictures of where they are in the house?

      Wow, you are a teacher! How exciting! I would love to read your students stories about their cats. Mrs. Hodges said she would like to send you the PDF of the coloring book. All of the forty cats wrote their own rescue stories. Maybe the students would enjoy reading them or coloring the pages?

      Nudges and purrs to you too.

  • Robn Patrick

    Harper, DO you know of any cat that cleans the litter box? If so I would like to meet them. Our cat Tardis does not. Ever.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Robn Patrick,
      No, I have never met a cat who cleans their own litter box. There are advantages to not having thumbs.
      Tardis is a smart cat. Maybe Tardis can teach you how to find the best spot to lay down in a sunbeam, or perhaps the best kind of cardboard box to use as a trap for a cat.
      Love Harper

      • Robn Patrick

        Harper, Tardis has taught me quite a few things. One of the best lessons she taught me is to speak up when I need something. Especially when I need food.

  • Marina Sofia

    Lots of questions for you, Harper, from Zoe the French cat now living in England: Do you ever have to share your food with the other cats? Are they cheeky with you because you are the youngest? Do you like to go outside? Which is your favourite spot in the whole house?

    • Harper Hodges

      Oh Marina Sofia,
      I am so happy to hear from you and Zoe.
      I will ask Mrs. Hodges to take a photograph of us eating tomorrow. We share two large dinner plates and eat at the same time.
      I never get to go outside. However, I do like to look out the window and feel the fresh air on my face.
      My favorite spot is right by the printer when the paper gets sucked up inside. I run when I hear the printer going.
      Do you get to go outside? What is it like?
      love Harper

  • LilianGardner

    Hi Harper,
    Do you like humans? Do you think we’re a bit dumb?
    I love cats, in fact, they are my favourite animal. I can’t imagine our home without a cat.

    To have my Minnie sprawling on the capret in the lounge while we watch TV, is a peaceful feeling, and one of content. (Now that she’s an adult cat, she doesn’t sit on my knee any more.)

    Hugs to you and Ms. Hodges, and also to the other cats in your family.


    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Harper,
      I like humans. Especially when they feed me and clean the litter boxes. I don’t think humans are dumb. I just don’t understand them.
      I hear Mrs. Hodges whining all the time about how much work she had to do. But, she has thumbs. How can she whine when she can open a can of tuna whenever she wants to?

      Hello to Minnie. Perhaps she is sprawled on the carpet pretending to lounge, but, really, she is watching television with you.

      Hugs to you too Lilian, what a pretty name,

  • Harper, my question for you is, do you ever feel guilty for making Mrs. Hodges clean your litter boxes?

    • Harper Hodges

      Hi Kathy Fannon,
      Thank you for asking such a thoughtful question. No, I never feel guilty for asking her to clean the seven litter boxes. However, sometimes I feel bad when I wake her up at five in the morning to feed me.
      She doesn’t seem to mind.
      Maybe you can come and visit and help her clean the litter boxes?
      Love Harper