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6 Ways to keep a dog from eating the cats food. I like the last reason.

I am a cat. And while I love my bodyguard Martha, a dog, I don’t like when she eats my food. I have asked her several times to stop eating the cat food, but she won’t listen. Mrs. Hodges found a way to stop the dog from eating my food. It is reason number six.

How to keep a dog from eating the cats food

Dogs like to eat cat food. Actually, I don’t think the dog knows it is eating the cats food.  The dog probably thinks the cat is eating the dogs food. Dogs think all food on the floor is theirs. And perhaps they think food on the table is theirs too.

Martha, is on a diet. She is limited to two cups of dog food a day, as ordered by the veterinarian.  She is a little overweight. However, she eats more than two cups of food a day, as she will eat any cat food we have not finished.

When I say we, I mean me and the three other cats. Not me and Mrs. Hodges. Mrs. Hodges does not eat cat food.

There are several ways to keep a dog from eating the cats food.

1. Feed the cats on top of the kitchen table. The dog can not reach the top of the table, unless of course you have a jumper, and then this won’t work. I have trouble getting up on the table as I am eleven, so I don’t like this method.

2. Put the dog in its kennel while the cats are eating, and then put away any cat leftovers so the dog can’t eat them. I don’t like this idea, as I like to graze on my food during the day. Sort of like a cow in the pasture.

3. Ask the dog, “Please doggie, don’t eat the cats food.” This is not very effective. A please with a dog rarely works. See number five for training your dog.

4. You can look on google, “How to keep a dog from eating the cats food.” But, be careful, because this article might appear first, and you will be in an endless loop of asking and being directed here.

5. Train your dog not to eat the cats food. Don’t ask, command. You could bark at your dog, or you could say, “No.” Say it like you mean it,  firm but not mean. No hitting the dog. Actually, never hit a dog for any reason. Ever. Or a cat.

6. The best way to keep a dog from eating the cats food is a pet gate with a smaller door for the cat to get through. Perhaps this should say, “How to keep a dog, who is bigger than a cat, from eating the cats food. A little dog could fit through the small door in the gate.

Mrs. Hodges bought a Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door from Amazon.

How to keep a dog from eating the cats food

Martha is not happy.

Oh, and the most important thing.

Remember to close the gate. 

Mrs. Hodges fed us this morning at 5:00 a.m. Mrs. Hodges was so kind to leave her bedroom door open last night, she usually closes it. All four cats came in to wake her up. I sat on Mrs. Hodges chest and licked her face, Charlie and Nepeta had a play-fight on her legs and J.R. waited patiently by the door.

After Mrs. Hodges fed us, she forgot to close the gate to the laundry room. Martha snuck downstairs while Mrs. Hodges was typing this story. Martha ate all of the extra cat food and ran back upstairs before Mrs. Hodges could stop her.

So, as I said. Remember to close the gate. A gate only works if you use it properly.

All my best,
Love Pooh

p.s.  Mrs. Hodges bought this gate with her own money; nobody paid us to tell you we like the gate. Now, this is an affiliate link, but I promise you any pennies I make from you buying the gate here will be used to buy kitty litter. We have seven litter boxes.

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  • Laura Shaw

    Thank you Pooh for the invaluable information. My human has been struggling with my dog sibling eating my food. She can jump on the table so my human made a maze with varying heights for my food and water dishes. It was lovely – I had a meal with a view as the last seating was window height. Aaahhh, such bliss. Until my dog sibling figured how to hop, skip and jump her way to my food again. She’s very nimble for being overweight (due to her eating all my food when she gets the chance)! I will subtly hint at the gate WITH pet door – how ingenious! signed, Mouse (yes, that is my real name – not given to me by my human, but it works, it’s cute and yes, I did look like a mouse when I was born)

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh. I like cat food a lot. Love Edelweiss

  • Ah yes we have had this problem on and off for years. Finally we got these little side tables from ikea and the little dog never went near the cat food again. However, the dog was smaller than the biggest cat and didn’t jump.

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Pooh,

    I hope all is well with you, We have been very busy lately, a week and a half ago we moved into a new house, It has been both exciting and very scarey, This house is bigger with lots of windows so we all can get to look outside at the same time. But it was really scarey for the first few days, But the big guy took off from work for a week and he helped to comfort us and show us around our new house. I made sure that the first thing that he put up in the bedroom was your calendar and your autographed picture. We don’t have a dog to eat our food, but Sabre eats her wet food really fast, then she will just muzzle the other cats out of the way and eat their food, I like to take my time and savor each bite, so now the big guy will pick up Sabre and put her another room until we finish the wet food.
    While I’m sad about leaving the house that I spent the past seven years living in, this new house doesn’t have any carpets so some of our toys are much more fun to play with, Me and my team have a big job ahead of us as we turn this house into a home, but it will be rewarding in the long run.

    Take Care, Your Friend,


    • My dearest Skittles,
      Well, you have had a big adventure with a move to a new house. And it will be home soon, I know. As a cat always can make a house a home.

      It sounds like you have lots of windows for sunbeams to come in, and no carpets to make your toys more fun to play with.

      Thank you for telling me about putting up the calendar. The big guy is was nice to take a week off work to help you adjust to the new space. I don’t like change either. Would you like to write Sabre a letter? I like to savor each bite of cat food too.
      Martha really likes the soft cat food. She barks at the pet gate, but Mrs. Hodges keeps it closed.

      All my best,
      Love Pooh