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Cats and humans should nap and watch football on Sunday afternoon



Today is Sunday and I am not writing today. I know I signed up for the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, but I don’t want to write today. And because I don’t want to write, I won’t.

I want to take a nap. Cats and humans should nap on Sunday afternoon. So I will.

No one is making me write. Not one is telling me I have to write every day. I hate it when someone tells me I “have to” do something.

I am so much like my typist. She hates it when someone tells her, “You should do this.” I hate it too. You should catch more mice. You should always wipe your feet after you get out of the litter box. You should not spray on the potted plants in the house.

So. Today I am not writing. I will take a nap. And after I wake up I will watch some football.

“Pooh! Really? You like football? How could I have been typing for you this long and never realize you like football?”

“There are many things you don’t know about me Mrs. Hodges. I love a good football game.”

“Pooh, you are a cat with many stories.  And, for a cat who didn’t want to write today. You did write.”

It is time for my nap now. Oh, I don’t like being told what I should do. But. I like to tell you what you should do. If you are a human or a cat, take a nap and watch football. 

“And, Mrs. Hodges, you “should” take a nap too. You are a little grumpy today.”


“Yes, Grumpy. Please finish typing the ending to my story as I dictated earlier.  I do love you Mrs. Hodges. But would you get that crabby look off of your face and take a nap.”

All my best,
Love Pooh

p.s. Are you going to take a nap today? Watch football? As always, I love to hear from you. Click here to comment, or just scroll to the bottom of the page if you are on the blog.

p.s.s Here are a few links to football teams.

Canadian Football League 

NFL Football Schedule

A list of All Football Teams 

Saskatchewan Roughriders : my favorite team, in honor of my Nana, and my typist who grew up in Saskatchewan

Minnesota Vikings in honor of my Nana from Minnesota. They are apparently not doing so well this year.

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  • Berdeane Bodley

    Here comes more words of wisdom Pooh, Mrs. Hodges learned her skills very well, moving furniture is therapy for many of us, me included, when Mrs. Hodges was growing up she witnessed furniture being moved at least once a week, I still love to move furniture even though living in a condo is a bit limiting for that pleasure. So don’t knock her, it is very therapeutic……you can be very helpful to her in this, sit on the chesterfield as she moves it & the likes of that……….always here to help!!!! xoxox

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Now you are talking Pooh, on Sunday I listened to & watched football from 9 a.m. till 5:30 p.m., I am what you would call a football fanatic (also baseball) but that is another story. One thing would be a good thing for you to take note of regarding Mrs. Hodges Pooh, never, ever say the word “should” to her. Take this on good authority little Pooh, if you want to live……..take heed from your Nana on that!!!!

    • My dearest Nana,
      If only I could have been there to watch with you. Mrs. Hodges doesn’t sit still for very long. She is always moving the furniture.
      And, I stopped using the word, “should,” with Mrs. Hodges. Thank you for your wise council.
      All my best,
      Your grandson Pooh

  • kathunsworth

    I agree Pooh a nap can do wonders. If I ever get the chance to take one. But only ten minutes it recharges the mind and body. I don’t watch football so maybe I could take my nap then.

    • Good Morning Dearest Kath,
      Please give my regards to BOO. Were you able to take a nap dear one? I hope you had a few minutes to recharge your mind and body.
      You need all of your energy to keep drawing your birds. Perhaps I could have one to eat.
      All my best,
      Love Pooh

  • Marie

    Sometimes the humans watch football but none of us find it very interesting. But we love naps with mom! Those are the best!!

    purrs from all the furballs

    • Hello Marie,
      Yes, naps are the best.
      Especially in a sunbeam.
      All my best,
      Love Pooh

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh,
    This is exactly what i am doing.
    Dad has foot ball on.
    I am napping between mom and dad.
    I have one eye part open in case Mom gets something to eat.
    Love you.

    • Hello Edelweiss,
      How nice to hear from you. Did you get to eat any of your mom’s snack?
      I like salmon myself.
      I love you too,
      Love Pooh

      • La McCoy

        No Pooh. Mom did not get a snack.
        I am still hungry.
        Ill eat Salmon if you could send some please.