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Cats are good at helping



cats are good at helping

One of my staff, Piper,  was sewing an outfit. As the cat who manages the Hodges household it is important for me to make sure she was working to the best of her abilities.

And she can not do her best work without me to assist her.

The best way for a cat to help, is to be right on top of the project. Literally. If your human is writing a book, sit on the keyboard. If they are reading the newspaper, sit right on top of it. If they are painting a picture, sit right at their feet so they have to be careful not to trip over you.

Humans would be totally lost without cats to help them. 

When Piper cut out her pattern I lay on top of the pattern pieces to keep them from blowing away. She had the window open, which is important for air quality, but disastrous for pattern pieces.

When she put the straight pins on the table I batted them on the floor so she could find them later with a magnet.

When she became discouraged I had her lean in for a private consultation to encourage her. Please don’t ask me  what we talked about. I pride myself on being trustworthy and discrete.

Cats are good at helping


I am not sure if she finished her outfit. Perhaps she needs my help.

Do you have a cat to help you with your projects? Please tell me what they help you with. I really want to know. You can click here to comment.

All my best,
Love Pooh

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  • Ramona Relock Lazaris

    Dear Pooh,
    You are so correct, cats do like to help with EVERYTHING. Many many years ago when I was in junior high school, I had a fluffy grey cat “Spooky” (named for the white rings around his eyes) who always insisted on helping me with my homework. I would come home from school, spread my homework across my desk, and within minutes, Spooky would run, jump, and stretch out across all my papers. He would then roll over for me to thank him properly with a tummy rub. He loved to tap my pencil with his paw as I wrote helping my penmanship as well. I’ll never forget him <3

    • My dearest Ramona,
      Please accept my deepest condolences about the death of your dearest Spooky. I assume your grades would not been as high as they were without the guidance of Spooky while you studied.

      • Ramona Relock Lazaris

        Dear Pooh,
        I am holding my St. Bernard, “Romeo”. He was 3 months old in the photo, but is now a 4 year old, 175 lb. lovable puppy. He and his older buddy, “Shakespeare” love hanging out together (Shakespeare is our 11 yr. old Keeshond). No bodyguards here ~ sorry to say that neither has realized the benefits of an intelligent furry cat-friend.
        Wishing you a great day,

  • kathunsworth

    Pooh I love how you help everyone in the family. My cats sit on my sons bed when he has anxiety and calm him quicker than I can. I am very grateful for all the calming they do.

    • Hello Dearest Kath,
      Please give your son a cat purr from me. I wish him all my best.
      And please send me a private message with your sons name and his address, and I will be sure to send him a private note. Perhaps having a cat as a pen pal would help calm him too.
      Love Pooh

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh,
    Mom will not let me sit on her work. But i do lay right so she has to be very careful not to trip over me.
    Dear Pooh, I have a very sad confusion to make. Last night when my dad flew in he was very tired. He knocked a post card on the carpet. I don’t know what came over me. in moments it was in very little pieces.
    Dad ratted on me to Mom. She would not have know who did it if my dad did not rat on me.
    Mom was mad. She grunted and groaned trying to pick up the little pieces.
    Now she will never get me a paper box to play in.
    I am so sad Pooh. I knew you would understand.
    Love you,

    • Dear Edelweiss,
      Please, please tell your mother that the postcard was a secret message you had to destroy. Dogs have to destroy the codes once they have received the messages in post cards.
      I may have to mail you a cardboard box. Or perhaps a pail for you to play in.
      I do understand.
      Love Pooh

      • La McCoy

        Dear Pooh.
        I am so glad you understand.
        Mom just doesn’t get it.
        Love Edelweiss

  • Skittles

    Our Human needs lots of help so me and my team provide many services, from the all important checking of all laundry to ensure that it has the appropriate amount of cat hair, to inspecting all boxes and bags that enter the house, serving as alarm clocks, keeping the furniture warm is another task, and inspecting and even tasting all food that is prepared for flavor, and with Christmas approaching one of our most important tasks will be helping with the wrapping of the gifts. With all that we do it’s no wonder we take so many naps.

    • My dearest Skittles,
      You and your team really need to get a raise. Your selfless dedication to your humans well-being is remarkable. It is obvious she would be lost without your expert guidance in bag and box inspection, waking her on time, furniture temperature control and tasting food.
      With the holidays approaching your will be busy helping wrap the gifts.
      Wishing you all the best,
      Love Pooh

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Well, I certainly hope Piper realizes how lucky she is having you there to help her with her projects, I’m sure she appreciates your input. I know when Mrs. Hodges was studing for her school reports, her cats used to help her by sitting all over her school books on her desk. Oh the wonder of a cat & how they help their masters. xxooxx

    • Good Morning Nana,
      Yes, Piper knows how lucky she is to have me help her. Actually, I was going to ask her if she wanted me to help her today.
      As a cat who manages the Hodges household, I am always available to help.
      All my best,
      Love Pooh