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Write, take naps, and take another nap

Cats are in charge of the household laundry

Humans have to wear clothes, and then the clothes get dirty. I don’t understand why they don’t just lick themselves. Cats don’t have to wear clothes or take baths in a bathtub. Humans need cats to help them with their laundry.


The lady who types for me needs my help doing laundry. Her name is Mama, that’s what the children who live here call her. She is also called Pamela, Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Tomato. I don’t know why she needs so many names.

I have one name, Harper. Well, I guess two names. Harper Hodges. Or three if you count my middle name. Lee. I have three names and no thumbs.

We might not have thumbs to open doors but we don’t have to wear clothes or do laundry. 

What would you rather have? thumbs? or fur?

How to assist a human with laundry.

  1. Inspect the dirty laundry.

There are no cats or dogs in the hamper Mrs. Hodges, you may wash these clothes now.

2. Inspect the dryer. Make sure Nepeta is not hiding in here. Nepeta is a cat. She was named after the proper name for Catnip.


The dryer is all clear now Mrs. Hodges. You may dry the clothes now.


3. Keep the clothes warm until the human puts away the laundry

Now it is time for a nap. Cats work so hard doing laundry. Humans need us.

Do you have a cat to help you with laundry?

If you don’t have a cat to help you with your dirty clothes, I don’t understand how you could possibly do laundry? Maybe you need to adopt a cat from a local shelter. Maybe two cats. Or three?

love Harper,
I do love to hear from you. Really. My typist kept moving the furniture in the house, and she didn’t type for me. But, she seems to have found a place for everything now.

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About Harper Hodges

Hi, it’s me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types.

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This is an animal blog. Written by animals. Humans are only necessary to type for us. We don’t have thumbs.

  • Ciao

    Hi Harper its me Ciao! which you probably got by the name posted above but still Im very glad you are writing again I can’t wait to read your next post!
    With love,

    P.S.: I try to help with the laundry but they wont let me inside so whenever my humans are outside I try to lick their clothes. Bye!

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Ciao,
      I am so happy to hear from you! Your kind note is really a nice encouragement to a little kitten. My birthday is coming up soon. And then I will be one year old. My typist is trying to find my birth certificate in the basement. Maybe that is where she lost her red eyeglasses. She thinks I hid them on her.
      Oh, what a lovely idea! Licking their clothes. Another way to show love!
      All my best,
      Love Harper

      • Ciao

        Oh thanks Harper your so cool!
        Happy birthday by the way!
        I would like to try and send you something but How would one do so?

        Love Ciao

        • Harper Hodges

          My Dearest Ciao,
          Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday.
          My address is:
          P.O. Box 314
          Pottstown, PA 19464
          When is your birthday?
          Love Harper

          • Ciao

            OH THANK YOU!!!!!!

            Love, Ciao

            P.S. My B-Day is apparently April 21st. I don’t know I wasn’t consous for it but thats what my momma said.

            P.P.S. I am a Main coon. I just wanted you to Know so you can get a visual of me.

  • LilianGardner

    I agree, Pamela, what would we do without a cat, especially to assist with the laundry.

    Hello Harper!
    That’s a gorgeous photo of you by the typewriter.
    Allow me to tell you something about myself.
    I’m Minnie. My best friend, Lilian, a human, called me Minnie when I popped into her house, almost three years back, (because two little girls took me away from my mother and put me into Lilian’s garden). I was only six months old, and a ‘minnie’ cat in size. Lilian has fed me so well and now I’m no longer a minnie cat, but it’s too late to change my name because I don’t want another name.
    When Lilian turns on the washing machine, I sit and look at the clothes spinning around and wonder what’s going on. I put my paw on the glass window and try to stop the movement, but when I realise I can’t, I jump onto my chair by the diningroom radiator and snooze.
    I’m not much help but I know Lilian loves having me around.
    Have fun, Harper. I must say, we’re lucky cats.
    Love to Pamela and all household pets.


    • Harper Hodges

      Hello My dearest Lilian and Minnie,
      I am so happy to hear from you.
      Minnie, I also like to watch the clothes spinning around in the washing machine. And what a wonderful place to take a nap! I love radiators too.
      Oh, and Minnie, you are a lot of help to Minnie. Humans really don’t know how to take care of themselves. They would be lost without us.
      All my love to you both.
      Love Harper

      • LilianGardner

        Thanks so much for your reply, Harper.
        I have something new to tell you.
        Two cats came to visit us three days back.
        Lilian has called one Chubby, because he’s quite round and cuddly. The other cat is completely black, with emerald green eyes, and a teeny weeny white spot on his throat. Lilian says he’s gorgeous and has named him Velvet. I’m sure both Chubby and Velvet really came to see me and perhaps, for a snack, too. I know they’ll return to their homes soon.
        I know humans couldn’t do without us, but I wonder if we could do without them.
        Tons of love to you and Ms. Hodges,
        Here’s my paw.
        P.S. I am much loved as you are, too.