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Cats Like Yoga Too

Cats Like Yoga Too


Exercise is good for you. I know I talk a lot about taking naps. But you need to do more with your life than just take naps. There is more to life than laying in sunbeams. I can’t believe I just said that.

Rest and a good nights sleep are essential for your well-being. But sleeping and eating are not the only essential aspects of a healthy life. Cats need to exercise too.

Cats stretch. And what is the name of one of the famous Yoga Poses? Is it the Dog Pose? Is it the Elephant Pose? The Giraffe Pose?

Yes, this is one of those questions. The kind where I know the answer but I don’t really want you to answer. Yes, a rhetorical question.

Did  you guess Cats Pose? You really know your yoga. I am impressed.

The Cats Pose. A gentle stretch that stretches your spine. And a stretched spine is a good thing.

The pose is not called “The Human Pose.”

When I was in college at The Mouse Hunting School, I took a senior level Yoga Class. I even have my certificate. Perhaps I should get it framed and hang it on the wall.

Mrs. Hodges was stretching this morning. She was not doing it right. Her back was not laying on the mat correctly. She just wouldn’t listen to me. I kept trying to get her attention, but she didn’t do the pose the way I suggested. And who knows better? A cat or a person?

I put my paw on her face and tried to pull it towards me. I wanted eye contact.

Maybe if I show Mrs. Hodges my Yoga certificate she will listen to me?

Do you like to do Yoga? I recommend The Cat’s Pose. 

After all, Cats Like Yoga Too.

You are not doing the pose right Mrs. Hodges.

You are not doing the pose right Mrs. Hodges.

And I also recommend buying your own yoga mat. I would like my own mat, but for now, I will keep laying on Mrs. Hodges arm when she stretches.

If you need any Yoga advice, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Love Pooh


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  • Hallo Pooh and Pamela. You wrote about one of my favorite subjects today. I began doing yoga about 6 weeks ago and I love it. I do ‘hot yoga’ and not because I’m a hot chick…hahaha. It’s done on a hot room and the poses are really difficult. After 90 minutes and 26 poses you are more than really for the Cat’s Pose. I’m adding this pose as my final pose.
    Thank for the cool blog post, Pooh. Namaste.

    • Hello Dearest Patricia,
      Oh my, hot yoga would be so hard for me to do as I have a permanent fur coat. However I can see you doing it because you are so Bella. Is that the right word in Italian?
      Perhaps Mrs. Hodges can do the yoga you are doing. She needs the exercise.
      As always it is wonderful to hear from you.
      All my best,
      Love Pooh

      • Cara mia…bella is indeed the right word. bravo! Pooh, you are right. You don’t need strenuous exercise. Where I do my yoga, there is also a cat, Cuddles, a big fat tabby cat, he loves to watch us do yoga, while doing the dead cat pose. I will sent you a picture. Lots of love, Pxx

  • Berdeane Bodley

    At last, I got in, of course Pooh you already knew your Nana was a Yoga instructor for many years & I am sooooo happy to hear you like Yoga to, nothing better when it comes to stetching not to mention Yoga breathing, so relaxing. Yoga changed my whole life, I even grew a whole inch & a half while doing yoga & still haven’t lost any height, has Mrs. hodges listenend to you yet????

    • Hello Mother,
      How nice of you to say hello today. I took Pooh’s advice and do yoga everyday. Isn’t it just like a child to not listen to their parents advice, but they will listen to a cat instead.
      Sending you much love today Mom.
      Love Pamela and Pooh

  • Oh Pooh I hope you get your own mat one day, you deserve one, sharing your experience with Mrs Hodges. I use to do Yoga, then Pilates, then Tai Chi and now Im lucky if I get a walk up the hill. My son’s cat Apple walks up the hill with me, he thinks he’s a dog until its time to walk back and then he zig-zags in front of me all the way down the hill. Lovely to read your adventures from across the sea. Good day to you.

    • My dearest Kath,
      I am delighted to hear from you. Apple sounds like a very intelligent cat. Perhaps he is an artist as well.
      Perhaps you could suggest to Mrs. Hodges she buy me a mat for my birthday.
      Would you be so kind as to include a photograph of Apple here?
      All my best,
      Love Pooh

  • Edelweiss

    Dear Mr. William P. Hodges,
    I practice yoga all the time.
    Mom has pictures.
    Mom says she does yoga too but does not allow me to sit on the mat with her. She is funny that way.
    My brother is a yoga instructor.
    Mom has his book.
    Love you both,

    • Dear Edelweiss and Mrs. Edelweiss,
      I am so happy to hear from you.
      Oh Edelweiss, you must have a wonderful spine.
      Do you like the do the “Cat Pose?”
      It is so good for you.
      Your brother must be in such good shape.
      If your mother has a photograph of you doing a yoga pose will you please share it?
      Love to you both as well,
      Love Pooh