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Cats need Tribe Writers too

Mrs. Hodges is the typist for Pooh Hodges

My typist and I, Mrs. Hodges, took an eight week, on-line writing course, Tribe Writers taught by Jeff Goins last year.  All Mrs. Hodges does is talk about Goins.

Goins said this. Goins said that. Goins said that writing doesn’t have to be lonely. Goins said I can build a community. Goins said stop waiting to be picked. Goins said you should tell the ugly parts of your story. Goins said your clutter is killing your creativity. Goins said I need to find my tribe.

Tribe Writers is open for the last time this year. Registration closes at noon today.

I have spent most of my life living how other people wanted me to live.

When I was a young kitten my mother said to me, “Son, you must learn how to catch mice. It is a good solid profession. The mice you catch will feed you and your family. You can market your Mouse Hunting Business to your neighbors and catch mice for them.”

“But Mom, I want to be a writer.”

“Writers do not make much money. Writing is hard. Writing will not feed you.”

But Mom, I want to be a writer.”

“No son, you need to be a good mouse hunter. If your staff forget to feed you, you need something to fall back on.”

I listened to my mother and gave up my dream of writing. I went to the local Mouse Hunting College, and signed up for classes.

Last year, after I took the Tribe Writing course, I quit the mouse hunting business, and started to call myself a writer.

We were amateurs living in the past or dreaming of the future, while failing utterly to do the work necessary to progress in the present.
Steven Pressfield – Page 23 Turning Pro

This is one cat who is going to stop living in the past or just dreaming. It is time to do the work to progress in the future. You may not catch mice for a living, but if  you  want to develop your voice as a writer, establish a platform, expand your reach and get published, take Tribe Writers.

Don’t quit your day job right away. My mouse hunting business didn’t pay the rent. Mr. Hodges, goes out of the house every day to his day job. He pays for the mortgage on my house.

I have the luxury of writing and taking naps all day, while my staff take care of my house.

Mr. Goins started his blog two years ago. Today he has over 200, 000 monthly readers. He quit his day job, and has published two books. Mr. Goins doesn’t have to catch mice everyday anymore. I wonder if he would like me to send him some? I catch them sometimes as a hobby.

My typist wrote about Tribe Writers yesterday, What if you never took Tribe Writers?

If I never took Tribe Writers I wouldn’t have this blog, or be writing my memoir. Tribe Writers has changed my life.

Please tell me in the comments if you want to quit catching mice and write.


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I have had a hard life. Born to a single mother in a back alley in Wisconsin. I never knew my father. My sister died young. I am writing my story. Look for it.

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  • Scheherazade

    I enjoyed this post, also. I have a cat named Montaigne who not only reads and writes, but can converse if he comes across the right person, which he has (a lonely little girl). However, he’s been sitting inside the pages of my unfinished book, now, for over twenty years and he wants out. If I ever decide how to finish his story, I will let him out. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Scherherazade,

      Pooh, who wrote this post, died on April the first of this year, 2015. I had never met him. But, I heard from the other cats who live here how kind he was.

      Your cat Montaigne sounds very interesting.

      There are several ways to get your cat out of the book. I have been reading the book, “Do The Work,” by Steven Pressfield. He has ideas about how to finish a project.

      And here is an article by Steven Pressfield about writing “the money scene.”

      And here is an article my typist wrote about conflict. What does your cat want?

      I hope these articles help you. I hope you finish your story. The world needs more adventure, and your kitty will bring joy to many.
      Love Harper

      • Scheherazade

        Thank you so much, Harper, for your timely and thoughtful answer to my dilemma. I will visit the sites you listed and I will try to purchase the book by Mr. Pressfield, whose name is worthy of any support I can give it.

        I am so sorry to hear of Pooh’s demise. We need all the kindness we can get in this world. But I feel certain the other cats he influenced will spread their own kindness.

        I am about to read the articles you cited. I will let you know of my progress (see, you have already encouraged me to believe in personal progress) and I will revisit Montaigne, today.

        XXXOOO back at you.
        Love, Scheherazade

  • Enjoyed this post :).

    • Dear Dave,
      I am delighted that you enjoyed this post. Are you a writer, or do you catch mice for a living?
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

      • A writer – I don’t think fondly of mice 🙂
        I’m a fellow Tribe Writer.