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Charlie wants to join the circus


Charlie wants to join the Circus

Charlie wants to join the circus. He wants to be a tight rope walker. I suppose I should let him.

Charlie wants to join the Circus

I don’t have any children. I never married and I was fixed as a young kitten. I was raised by a single mother. Her husband, my father, abandoned my mother after she became pregnant with me and my sister. We were taken to a shelter and raised there until we could find families that needed a cat to run their lives.

I think of Charlie as my son. I want the best for him.

Charlie wants to join the Circus.

My vice-president, Charlie,  is  Manager of Proper Dishwasher Loading Techniques. He does a good job making sure the cups and plates are loaded properly. He jumps in the bottom of the dishwasher often when the bottom drawer is pulled out to inspect my kitchen staff’s work.  But he prefers to practice  tightrope walking. At our weekly managers meeting, he gave his two weeks notice.  I will have to find a replacement to manage the loading of the dishwasher.

Charlie wants to join the Circus

I will write a letter to Barnum and Bailey today. I want Charlie to have the life he wants.

Do you encourage your children to follow their dreams?



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  • I went to the circus when I was seven. I don’t think I’ve been back since. This slice makes me want to go again!

    Yes, I will encourage my daughter to follow her dreams. BUT, I’m not sure my heart could handle her sky diving, playing football, or sailing around the world solo.

  • Jackie Haworth Hoy

    Charlie is quite talented and would do well in a circus…but I am sure he could train another house to provide him with areas to practice his feats. My human is typing for me now. She read me your post and I wanted to comment. I, too, had a difficult beginning…daughter of two feral cats, but my mother was smart enough to con my human’s neighbor into taking her in…and when I was old enough I moved to Jackie’s. Happy Easter, Nimbus. …and I do hope Charlie gets into the circus if that is what he really wants.

  • Very funny! As a child who threatened to join the circus, my parents never encouraged me. In fact, they threatened to disown my, so I never applied to clown college. By all means check out the openings with the Big Top.

    • Kay! I didn’t even know there was a clown college. I think my typist would like to be a clown. Do you still want to join the circus? I encourage you to follow your dream. You could even be a cat if you didn’t mind not having thumbs anymore. I hate waiting for someone to open the door for me, but I do like my naps.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

  • Kim Barrett

    Charlie looks a little young to be making such life changing decisions. Sometimes the older, wiser ones need to stand along side the young ones and guide. What is Charlies plan and what are his short term and long term goals? Is Barnum and Bailey the best fit? Should he attend tight rope walking college first to improve his skills? Sometimes dreams are made realities with some planning. I want Charlie to have the life he wants, too! 🙂

    • Dear Kim,
      Thank you so much for your wise council. I will schedule a meeting with Charlie to discuss attending the local tight rope walking college. Perhaps with more training he would have a better chance of getting a job at Barnum and Bailey. Delaying Charlie’s departure will give me more time to find a new manager to supervise the loading of the dishwasher.
      Love Pooh

  • Margaret Ouellette

    Very funny. I think you should let Charlie join the circus. It seems that you have had a difficult life, but have overcome the odds. I think you should encourage Charlie to follow his dream.

    • My dearest Margaret, you understand. I will post the letter to Barnum and Bailey on Monday, perhaps they will have an opening. I will miss Charlie, but I don’t want to discourage his dreams.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh