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Don’t let your cats outside on Halloween


I regret to inform you. Not all humans are nice.  I know this because I read the newspaper and watch the news on television.  And sometimes humans do mean things to animals on Halloween.

Please don’t ask me to go into detail, as children may be reading my stories.

Every morning I wait by the front door to be let outside. The other kittens hope they can go outside as well. But, they are never allowed outside.

Even me, as a wise, mature, adult cat will not be going outside on Halloween. I will stay inside with the kittens and tell them scary stories.

If I could make all humans nice I would. But, the reality is, there are mean humans in this world.

It is never the animals fault if it is the victim of assault. It is never the animals fault that it was too cute or its collar showed off too much of its neck or because it was walking late at night. It is always the fault of the perpetrator.

It is never the animals fault. Never.

Please. Don’t let your cats outside on Halloween. Tonight,  please keep your cats inside. Keep them safe. 

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And  would you be so kind as to share my story? I am want to make sure humans realize that not all humans are nice. I would be devastated to read of a cat or other animal being abused on Halloween. Maybe my advice could save the life of an animal.

All my best,

Love Pooh

p.s. The kittens and I have costumes; we will be wearing them tonight at a little party I am having.I  can’t decide if I will wear my rabbit costume or my costume of a human.
p.s.s. Take lots of photographs of your animals in their costumes today, and share them on my facebook page.

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  • Pooh I want to see you and your kittens halloween costumes!!

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Well that took some engineering on my part to even get on line here to talk to you, your Mother has likely already told you about our “Black cat” his name was “Blackie”, how unique, don’t you think? Blackie was an indoor cat, we had a harness for him & we would take him for walks on his leash. One time we drove to Winnipeg in the summer, it was so hot & poor Blackie was suffering from the heat, we took everything out of the cooler, put Blackie in the cooler with the ice packs, he loved it & that probably saved his life. Does your Mother remember that? Love from Nana. (hope your Halloween was a happy time for you)

  • Amindele

    Yes… I am a black cat, and humans can do some truly atrocious things… But anyway Halloween in is fun too! Sometimes I even get a treat!
    Best of luck to you and the kittens!

    • Hello Dearest Amindele,
      Oh, a black cat. I don’t believe in bad luck. You can cross my path anytime. I love to have friends visit. Yes, Halloween is fun. I would love to eat candy. But I am content with my dry cat food.
      Thank you for your kind greeting.
      All my best.
      Love Pooh
      p.s Would you please post a photograph of yourself?

      • Amindele

        I will try, sometimes this computer does not let me…

      • MegWanders

        My name is Mysterie,
        I am a 10 month old Bombay kitten. My family adopted me after my foster parents went to prison. The SWAT Team stepped on my entire back and hind legs. I now have a limp, I know all about how mean humans can be. My foster father was not nice to me and abused me my foster mother cared only when she had anxiety. I know how horrible people can be. First paw… I thought they were all that way until i met my two moms and Kittie. I am black and have ahorter arma and a beautiful face w gold eyes. I was given my own rm when i first arrived. I slept in a drawer. That stopped after realized i was safe.

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh and the Kittens.
    Mom wont let me out on Halloween either.
    Maybe I could come to the party.
    Well Mom probably would not let me unless it was on the computer.
    Love you Pooh and the Kittens.

    • My dearest Laura and Edelweiss,
      Laura you are a very smart human to keep Edelweiss inside today. You are always invited to any party I am having. Always.
      One day lets set up a Skype call. Mrs. Hodges can translate for me.
      All my best,
      I love you Laura and Edelweiss.
      Love Pooh