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Eight reasons why cats are better than dogs

I went for a walk, and came home. My staff didn’t have to chase me to get me to come home.


The house I live in has a dog. Her name is Martha. Martha is a large dog. I tolerate her most days,and truly appreciate her when I vomit on the carpet and she gets blamed. Dogs are a good pet.  However, let’s be realistic, cats are better than dogs.

1. Cats don’t stick their nose in your face begging to be walked. I politely sit by the front door waiting to be let out. I walk myself.

2. Dogs poop in public. How uncivilized. Cats use a litter box. I don’t want anyone staring at me when I poop. Can you imagine going number two in your front yard in front of your neighbors?

3.  Dog poop is huge. Cat poop is small, and easy to scoop out of the litter box. If you have a small dog, they do have smaller poop. But if you have a small dog, you might as well just have a cat.

4.  Dogs have to be brushed. Cats groom themselves. I bathe at least once an hour when I am awake.

5.  A dog will not keep a burglar from entering a home. If a bad guy knows there is a cat in the house, they won’t break in. We have sharp claws. Beware.

6.  Dogs are loud. They bark and prance around in a childish manner. Cats are reserved and dignified.

7. Dogs run away. Martha, our dog, runs out an open door, and will not come back when called. My staff run after her holding a piece of sandwich meat, yelling for her to return.  I don’t have to be chased. I always come home after I walk myself.

7.  Dogs chew table legs.  Dogs are destructive chewers. My staff had a dog once that chewed her Italian leather shoes, and an antique bible.  I don’t chew shoes or bibles.  I do like paper towel rolls, but they are not expensive or from Italy.

8. I did have another reason, but I can’t think of it right now.  I am going to take a nap.

All the best,

Love Pooh

 Can you think of any more reasons why cats are better than dogs!  Please tell me. I will read your reasons when I wake up from my nap. And I may even use your ideas in an expanded version of my new book! 


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“Every word in this book is a lie… but you should read it, anyway.”
—Lyric the Dog, hater of cats, pet to Jeff Goins

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  • Aly the cat person

    CATS:6327895634579465896253784593465489578666648969784 DOGS:0
    cats: nowregian forest cats are more loyal than dogs.

    dogs: drool on everything
    cats: comfort old people
    dogs: jump on people and knock them over
    cats: smell good
    dogs: smell horrible
    cats: are very clean and tidy
    dogs: get mud all over your new carpet
    cats: are internet famous
    dogs: cause stiches to people
    all dog people know these but don’t admit it
    sincerely: Aly the cat person

  • Chocolate Leopard

    im gonna name my cat pooh hodges when i grow up ^-^
    btw one of my teachers names was ms. hodges… ._. just wondering if u were her?

  • Dave Fontana

    I once watched one of my friend’s dogs for a week, and not only was he a menace, would eat ANY food I left out, and was LOUD, but once when I took him for a walk he completely devoured a roadkill squirrel that he found on the sidewalk, in one bite! Talk about GROSS!

    I’m not saying that it wasn’t kind of fun to watch the dog for a while (also, my family owned a lhasa apso when I was little, and he was much easier to take care of), but when it comes down to it, would I get a dog again? Unlikely. It’s nice to watch a dog for a little while, but my cat is just the perfect pet. Why? The answer is very easy.

    When i come home after work, my cat (Cordelia) is there at the door, greeting me with a little meow. She then rubs against my legs to show how much she missed me. Later, when I’m watching TV, she comes over and sits on my lap and purrs. It’s such a pleasant and relaxing sound. At night, she curls up by my feet on my bed. Whoever said that cats aren’t affectionate has clearly never met Cordelia!

    Another reason: I can leave her overnight without worrying. I don’t have to rush home after work, concerned that my cat needs someone to take care of her. Or i can go to my parents’ house for a couple days, leave extra food, water, and litter out, and know that she is okay. Cats are really the perfect pet; easy to take care of, not too expensive, and above all, loving. What more could you ask for?

  • katsarecool

    Hey pooh are you there?

  • KittyKat

    THy’re purr sounds so good!

  • KittyKat

    A cat’s purr can put you to ANGRY to EASE.

  • KittyKat

    A dog cant curl up in your lap while you watch TV and eat popcorn.

  • KittyKat

    Cats are cheaper! A dog can eat a bowl of cat food in just one gulp!

  • KittyKat

    dogs are needy!

  • KittyKat

    Cats are also cleaner and don’t smell as bad as dogs.

  • KittyKat

    You get a less chance of heart attack if you own a cat.

  • dramin

    Also, dogs are not the perfect pet everyone thinks they are cats are angelike

  • dramin

    you frogot to mention that Cats have nautral intelligance, while dogs have to be trained

  • Krithika Rangarajan

    Hello Pooh

    You forget that most humans love it when we lick them, my not-so-enlightened friend. Why do you think my owner adopted me? I lovingly licked her face and she was a goner – (btw, she is a sap, but don’t tell her I said so)

    And you might poop in your litter, but who do you think has to clean that litter? We at least have the decency to poop outside and not spread a disgusting odor in the house 😛

    But you ARE very cute….

    Oreo (the best Bassador you can ever find 😉 )

    • Hello my dearest Bassador Oreo,
      You must be beautiful. Especially if your owner adopted you after you licked her face.
      Our poor owners, no matter where we poop they have to clean it up. The clumping litter does help mask the smell, but really, everyone poops smells.

      You are a very polite and kind dog owner.

      All my best,
      Love Pooh
      p.s. Will you please share a photograph of Oreo?

  • Milo says that he is better than dogs because he helps mom drink the extra milk in her cereal bowl.

    • Hello my dearest Beth Anne,
      Milo is very kind to help you drink the extra milk in your cereal bowl.
      Please give him my best,
      Love Pooh

  • Hi pooh i was thinking if i should get your book? i am thinking if you have to pay to post it? i sometimes have long trips and like to read what other felines are doing. if i spell a word wrong it would be because the buttons are to small for my paws.

    • Good Evening Mr. Cat,
      My book is free, and is offered as a PDF when you subscribe to my blog. If you can think of any other reasons cats are better than dogs, please let me know, as I will be expanding my book. There are obviously more than eight reasons cats are better than dogs.
      All my best,
      p.s. Your typing is very well done. I didn’t notice any mistakes.

  • Joshua Cohen

    Dogs look for bombs because they are too stuipid to know any better. Cats just say, “Let the dog do it”. BOOM!!

    • katsarecool


  • Kammy Wielenga

    I’m having a kitty cat themed birthday for my 4 year old today and realize I’m going to be in a war zone since my in-laws are all dog lovers and we are the only cat-loving family. I’m looking for something funny to read outloud at the party as to why cats dominate and stumbled upon your article. You deserve a scratch behind the ears, and a can of tuna fish, Pooh! 🙂

    • My dearest Kammy,
      May I please wish your child a very Happy Cat Birthday. I am so pleased to meet a cat-loving family. I hope my story helps your other family members understand why cats are better than dogs.
      Thank you for the scratch behind my ears, and I do love tuna. Almost as much as fresh field mice.
      Love Pooh

      • Hi I am a Cat lover and I think u r adorable!!O ya my cats say Hi!!I have a kitten that is 5 months old and his name is Bow and I have a older cat that is 9 🙁 and her name is Angel and I tried to send u my email but it didn’t work :(.Can we buy ur book and if not here is my email again [email protected]

  • Cat Guy

    Yep, Cats < Dogs.

    I have a cat and my roommate has a dog so I shall compare some things between them:

    -The dog barks every time someone walks passed the house or knocks on the door. My cat barely makes a sound except for minimal meowing when hungry, feed her and problem solved! In fact she has a very cute little meow and its an eighth as loud as the dogs bark. My cat also purrs which I actually find to be a beautiful and peaceful sound.

    -The dog pee's in the house, the cat does not. I even leave my cat in my room for long periods of time and she never pee's. The only reason I keep her in my room is to avoid sun damage to her ears and nose as she is a white cat and other tenants in my home constantly leave the back door open despite signs on the door clearly indicating to not leave it open.

    -The dog craves attention and hates to be alone. I like to give it some love and attention every now and then but I couldn't be there all the time. If the owner is away, she comes to me to be played with so she can lick me in the face and jump up at me with dirty paws when I have some serious work to do and have no time for this. Sometimes the owner goes away and I don't mind look after it but then when no-one is giving it attention for a while she starts barking and whining LOUDLY, even at 4am.

    -My cat is affectionate in a different way. She will jump on my lap and start purring. When I have been out of the house for a while she is actually excited to see me when I get home, but not in the sense of licking my face with a disgusting breath, barking, whining and jumping all over me. But my cat is also able to be very independent and if I need to leave for a day or two she won't bitch and whine about it.

    -My cat is more pleasant to look at and pet. She has a beautiful pure white coat when I pet her, its soft, smooth and silky. The dog has scruffy and curly hair and doesn't feel so nice to touch.

    -Dogs smell bad and they aren't nice to cuddle with. My cat is so cuddly, soft and warm, she loves to crawl under the blankets and curl up under my arms when I'm sleeping. I certainly wouldn't want a dirty, unhygienic dog doing that.

    I'm not saying I hate dogs because I honestly love all animals, but as a pet they are not for me for the above reasons. I could actually go on and list many more reasons but I think its already long enough.

    • Dear Cat Guy,
      You are a very wise person. Your white cat is so fortunate to have you to love and cherish.
      Thank you for taking the time to give me such a detailed list of why cats are better than dogs.
      I truly appreciate your list.

      • OMG!!! Your cat is soooooooo cute!!! I have 2 cats and they are like that!!! 😉

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  • Dear Pooh,
    You know I really love you. I have a hard time choosing one over the other. And I do have a question for you. If cats are really better than dogs, why does your staff keep Martha? Just wondering about this. Do they feel sorry for her? Is it just to make you look good?

    I want you to know I am on the proverbial fence about this. Why? Because I have owned both, if it is possible to own a pet. I think they own us. Anyway Our fits dog was Hector, we also had a dog named Lady. But later we had a cat named Peaches and Cream, Peaches for short. Finally when I kinda grew up and got married and had kids we had a cat named Precious but when she pooped on Mike’s pillow we found out she wasn’t. We gave her away. And we had Puddie. And that is a story in itself. So you see, I’ve had both.

    Thank you for itemizing why cats are better than dogs. Till later.

    • My dearest Anne,
      I may have to fire my typist, Mrs. Hodges. I can’t believe she didn’t type my response to you until now. Please forgive me.
      I love you too Anne, you have always been a faithful friend.
      My staff keep Martha to scare burglars. I am really more ferocious than a dog, but years of bad marketing, has made cats appear domesticated.
      I don’t feel sorry for Martha, she is just learning to read, I am teaching her now. I read her my book, and she wants to write a book now herself.
      “Dogs are better than cats.”
      I do love dogs. I really do. Martha and I have shared many sad stories about being abandoned.
      It sounds like you loved all your pets, dogs and cats. Except for the pooping cat.

      You are very welcome Anne. I am delighted you enjoyed the list.
      All the best,

  • Sharon

    Now, I get it! I can’t argue a single point. It is clear that cats are better than dogs. I don’t have either, but my son and daughter-in-law have a really great dog (if there is such a thing) named Ranger. Pooh, I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t like Ranger, but I guess it is possible.

    • Hello Sharon,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Mrs. Hodges, my typist, is going to get a slip in her file for not writing my comment to you until today. Please forgive me.
      Ranger sounds like a great dog. If your son and daughter-in-law love him and train him well, he might be a great pet. Maybe even better than a cat. Maybe.
      The best pet is one that is loved.
      I would love to meet Ranger. Do you have a photograph of him you can share?
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

  • NightFuryKumara

    I think TigerClan would come in handy for chasing criminals

  • NightFuryKumara

    Dogs jump up when ever they see you enter the house. I would know, I’ve been around many twoleg nests and have been chased by IT a few times. We cats study newbies from a distance, and when we think they’re worthy, we slowly come out to sniff, approve, then wait for a pat. We are much more sanitary than those pieces of foxdung.
    ~Cynder the Layanese cat

    • Dear Cynder the Layanese cat,
      Yes, dogs do you like to jump up on people when they enter a house. My bodyguard Martha, has been trained to not jump up, but she does like to make sure the people are safe. She likes to protect our family and me.
      I hope you are well and enjoying a nice warm sunbeam.
      All the best.

  • Kitty Moonlight

    I have a few reasons!
    1. Dogs actually like to eat their own poop.
    2. Cats are cuter <3
    3. Dogs can cause serious injuries that sometimes even need surgery, while cat's claws will scare off intruders, but not do serious damage. (For a girl's birthday, a dog broke her nose. How stupid of that idiot dog!)
    4. Actually, police can use felines to help them out. Especially to make the bad guy scared. What will they use? LIONS! TIGERS! PUMAS! 😀 Ya! Big cats will DEFINITELY scare the bad guy!

    There are TONS of reasons why cats are better than dogs. We all know cats are smarter and WAY better than dogs. But dog lovers just don't want to admit it!
    Kitty Moonlight <3 =^.^=

    • My dearest Kitty Moonlight,
      Thank you so much for giving me more reasons why cats are better than dogs. You have some great ideas!
      I must remember to not let the dogs lick my face. You never know when they might have eaten poop.
      Yes, dog lovers do not like to admit that cats are better.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

    • Sky

      My dog eats my cats poop too.

  • Catniss

    Cats are cute.
    That’s all I have to say.

    • Yes we are.
      We are cute.
      Thank you for stopping by Catniss. It is so nice to meet you.
      Love Pooh

  • happycat

    1. Cats are independent. Dogs will be at your feet barking and tripping u the whole time. Cats have their own time. We all have our own lives. Cats understand that.
    2. Cats are gentle and affectionate. They meow calmly for their food while a dog barks and jumps up to lick u. Cats are like pillows in your lap. They purr. Dogs go everywhere on u and lick u all over. Not the most gentlest animals.
    3. Polite. Cats observe guests from a distant and when they get used to the guest they are friendly and kind. Dogs bark loudly and jump up and lick and go out of control.

    • Good Morning Happy Cat,
      Thank you so much for telling me other ways cats are better than dogs. You are so wise. I forgot about how polite cats are. Martha, my bodyguard, is always at the front door sniffing people as soon as they come in the house.
      I wait in the living room for the people to come to me.
      I hope you are well and happy.
      Love Pooh

      • happycat

        Thanks for the compliment and feedback!
        Cats are #1!

  • Amindele

    Maybe reason 8 could be they lick so much. I, for one, do not like being covered with warm nasty slobber.

    • Good Morning Amindele,

      Would you like to proof-read my stories? I just noticed there are 2 number 7’s. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7, and then number 8.

      Yes, I like your reason. Dogs do lick a lot. My bodyguard Martha hasn’t tried to lick me. The little kittens do help me by cleaning my ears, but that is cute.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

      • Amindele

        Also, cat tongues are rough and not very slobbery.
        (Proofreading, you say? Hmmmm…)

  • TheCat

    You forgot to mention that dogs, usually in their childhood, eat their own feces after they defecate only to come lick your face. This disgusting practice does not happen among felines at all. Miaw.

    • Dear The Cat,
      Thank you so much for telling me this. How disgusting. I shall have to talk to my bodyguard, Martha, to make sure she does not still practice this nasty habit.
      You are a very smart cat.
      It has been a pleasure to hear from you.
      All the best,

      Love Pooh

  • Kaydi

    I was out for a walk yesterday, and saw a cop car with a dog in it. Wondering about a feline unit of the police department. What would a cat do? Can cats really be trained as well or better than dogs?

    • Hello Kaydi,
      You pose a good question. A feline unit for the police department. A cat is capable of running fast and attacking the bad guy. The biggest problem would be get the bad guys to be scared of us. Years of being marketed as domestic sweethearts, is hard to overcome.
      All the best, and thank you for writing.
      Love Pooh

      • SB

        I don’t understand it. Why can’t you just accept reality??

        • Amindele

          No one is retarded here, if you are going to keep saying so, please leave. And anyway, we all have a bias towards either dogs or cats, so it is pointless arguing.
          Also, if you don’t like cats, why are you on a website about a cat?

        • Amindele

          Also, SB, have you ever owned a cat? I have never owned a dog, but I have met them, and I do prefer cats. But still, neither has to be ‘better’- some people prefer dogs and some cats. Neither one has to be right. To quote you, ‘Why can’t you just accept reality??’. Just live with it. Neither has to be ‘better’.

          • Angel+Bow

            Exactly why is he even on this web site????