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Every cat needs a cardboard box



 It is rather obvious what a cat needs to survive. Cats need a lot of the same things humans need. If you are a human you know you need oxygen, food and water to survive.|

But, you may have not realized there is a fourth thing that is necessary for a cat’s survival. A cardboard box. 

We don’t have to have fancy beds, or bottled water. Besides, remember? We don’t have thumbs so we can’t hold a bottle of water.

Humans seem to not be able to survive without bottled water to drink. My Grandmother who lives in Canada, I call her Nana, drinks the water that comes out of her tap.

Every cat needs a cardboard box.  You will just have to believe me. I am  a cat and I know what is best.  Cats do like to read books, keep laptops warm for their humans, and take naps in sunbeams. But, we also like to hide and we like to play.

A cardboard box is a safe place to hide and a fun place to play. A laundry hamper full of clothes fresh out of the dryer is a close second.

Please get a cardboard box for your cat.  Get one today.

Does your cat like to sit in a cardboard box? If they do will you  please share a photograph of your cat sitting in a cardboard box?

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Love Pooh



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  • Marie

    Hi Pooh —

    Joel Gray here. I love boxes and I have a very special box that is only mine. The human child named Mac found it for me at this place called Costco. It’s just big enough for me to fit (I am a bit round and fluffy) and Mac put a pillow pet in it for me! Isn’t that great! It’s a yellow duckie pillow. I have a tiny teddy bear to snuggle too. It says something about chicken on the front which makes the humans laugh for some reason?! I spend a lot of time in my box!

    Joel Gray

    • Hello Dearest Joel Gray,
      Your humans love you very much to get cardboard boxes for you. And I don’t see what is so funny about a yellow duckie pillow. Actually, I would love one too.
      I hope you have a nice day dear one.
      All my best,
      Love Pooh

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Yes “Edelweiss”, you would love a cardboard box, we used to have cats when Neal & Pamela were younger & they loved cardoard boxes, (the cats, not Neal & Pamela, although if my memory serves me correctly, Neal & Pamela used to make forts in the huge cereal boxes, it was fun for sure as I would often join them. Back to Pooh, yes, your Nana does drink water out of the tap, it is a special tap where the water that comes out of it is a filtered water………sooooooo good!!!

    • Good Morning Nana,
      I hope you have a wonderful day. Maybe you would like to play in a cardboard box now too?
      I will ask Mrs. Hodges to get larger cardboard boxes so she can come in them with me.
      Love Pooh

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh,
    I do not know if i would like a card board box.
    I like water.
    I love my balls.
    I have a towel i like to lay on and and shake around.
    Mom says if she got me a card board box i would eat it.
    I promised her i would not.
    She said it would be a big mess that i would not clean up.
    Love you,

    • Hello My dearestt Edelweiss, and Mommy Laura
      Perhaps your mother can give you a cardboard box to play with? So you can at least try it.
      And I will try playing with a towel. But I think I would rather lay on one than shake it around.
      I wish you all the best,
      Love Pooh