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It is hard to open a book when you don’t have thumbs

Seriously, humans, you have no idea how fortunate you are to have thumbs. You can open a can of tuna, you can open a door, and you can pull the tab off of a can of sardines. It is hard to open a book when you don’t have any thumbs.


I was trying to open How To Be a Cat this morning, but I had trouble turning the pages. Mrs. Hodges, my typist, had to help me. I wanted to read the book to the other cats. They don’t know how to read yet, so I have to read to them.

Mrs. Hodges was very excited yesterday, the proof copies for Pooh’s book came. Humans are funny to watch. They get all excited and jump up and down. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she had eaten catnip.

She told me How To Be a Cat is available on Amazon now. The Kindle book is only 99 cents for the next week. Here is a link to the book. How To Be a Cat. Or click on the image of the book. If you read the book will you please consider leaving a review. We have to buy so much cat litter with seven litter boxes. Would you like me to show them to you? Just tell me in the comments and I will ask Mrs. Hodges to take photographs of all of them. There really are seven.


Mrs. Hodges was up all night, well most of the night, painting the illustration from the cover onto a piece of plywood.

Will you please ask her to clean the litter boxes? She is getting a little behind.

Love Harper


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Hi, it’s me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types.

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  • Sylvia Hewett Schneider

    Harper, you and Mrs. Hodges are lovely! Horatio (a beautiful Russian Blue who previously had his own column and a MySpace page) is quite impressed. To the point, he may consider coming out of retirement as a fan of yours!! Thank you for such an enlightening web site! (we found you as a result of a link in an email from Jeff Goins, under whom your predecessor, Pooh, studied! We think Mr. Jeff is the cat’s meow!!! so to speak….

  • Marie

    Hi Harper!

    We have asked to have Pooh’s book ordered from Amazon. We can’t wait to read it!! It seems we have to wait to get it for a week because of something called a paycheck. But it’s in the cart thingie waiting for us, yhea!

    We have three litterboxes which seems unfair since there are four of us. And Mittens gets one just to herself — she doesn’t share well. But the kids make sure they are clean for us every night. And Giblet really helps with this by being sure to kick as much litter as he can out of the box and onto the floor. He feels this is helping to clean the box but the humans tend to fuss about it.

    Maybe we should be boycotting for more boxes?!

    Purrs from all of us here,
    MacKayla the Empress, Joel Gray, Mittens the Magnificent and Giblet Paws (it does help clean the box, I’m helping out!)

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Harper,
    We’re very excited that Pooh’s book is available on Amazon, We had the Big Guy order one for us, using our claws We do ok getting the books off the bookcase. and opening them up is a challenge. the problem is we can’t put them back on the bookcase, WE understand about litter boxes we have six of them here, we have the big guy scoop them out twice a day, although he always complains that right after he scoops them clean one of us are right in there making a mess. Well why not it’s a nice clean litter box, who wouldn’t want to use it. Well we hope your books does well on Amazon, we’ll be sending you lots of purrs of happiness.

    Your Furrends,

    Skittles & Friends

    • Harper Hodges

      Hey Skittles,
      So nice to hear from you. Please tell the big guy thank you for ordering the book. Maybe he can read it to you? Or, hey Skittles, maybe you can read the book to him.
      Good idea to jump right in after the cleans the litter boxes. Clara always uses the litter boxes right after Mrs. Hodges cleans them too. She actually likes to sit in all seven of them as they get cleaned. I think she wants to help.
      Thank you for all of your purrs of happiness.
      Love Harper

  • Mary McNeil

    I just purchased your book on Kindle – because we have 11 litterboxes plus the one extra.
    So that’s why we bought the less expensive option.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Mary McNeil,
      Oh, bless your heart. Thank you for ordering a book.

      I hope the book helps you become a cat. No, wait. If you become a cat, who will clean the eleven plus one litter boxes?

      Please tell me your cat’s names. I would love to say hello to them. The cats where I live are, Charlie, Nepeta, JF, Oscar, Clara, and me, Harper.

      • Mary McNeil

        Oscar, Maya, Sally Cookie, Alexander (the Grey), Moche, his REAL sisfur, Orion, Moche’s black cat brofur from another mother, Tuxie, Lulu the calico, Buzz the Orange, Dusty, who washed up at the neighbor’s after a thunderstorm, and Peaches, the torbico who was rescued after spending 3 days up a tree in January of 2013. And 2 dogs, Trygvie the Elkhound and Brandy the Beagle !

  • Susan W A

    Congratulations! That IS very exciting.

    Sometimes the litter boxes have to wait while another important project is being worked on or finished. I am certain Mrs. Hodges will clean the seven litter boxes very soon, even if it is one at a time.

    All my best and best of luck with the book!! I’m very proud of all involved.

    – Susan

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Susan W A
      I love your name. Maybe I should change my name to Harper L H. It looks more dignified.
      She cleaned the litter boxes last night at midnight. AND, she locked all six of us in the laundry room last night. Now, that I have to write about. The indignity of it all.

      Thank you for being so kind about Pooh’s book. I wish I could have met him.

  • Robn Patrick

    My copy has been pre-ordered for awhile now. Can’t wait to get it!

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Robn Patrick,
      Thank you for ordering Pooh’s book. Please let me know if you decide to be a cat because I can give you some tips on catching mice.
      Love Harper