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I am helping Mrs. Hodges make a cat costume

Mrs. Hodges is making a cat costume and I was helping her. The fabric kept slipping off of the table, so I sat on the fabric for her. Cats like to help humans cut out fabric.


Pooh Hodges, the first cat who writes, wrote a book, How To Be a Cat. The book is for humans, humans who want to be a cat. I am already a cat so I don’t have to read the book. The cat costume will be a hat, mittens, cat feet and a tail, just like the cat on the cover of the book.


There are fifteen steps in the book, then you can say you are a cat. And, when you do all fifteen steps you get a certificate. It is in the book. It looks like this.


I don’t need a certificate because I already am a cat. But humans, they like to have certificates. I think it is cute. The veterinarian has certificates on the wall in his office. Maybe he would rather be a cat? I will have to give him a book the next time I am in.

Mrs. Hodges is going to mail the cat costume to Jimmy Fallon. She thinks he might want to be a cat.

Would you like me to help you sew too?

Love Harper

p.s. This is part of the 31 day blogging challenge

If there is something you want to know about what it is like to be a cat. Please let comment here.

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Hi, it’s me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types.

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  • Skittles Anderson

    That’s being a really helpful cat, giving Mrs Hodges assistance in making the cat costume, All of us have different jobs around the house to help out the big guy, from helping with the laundry fresh out of the dryer, food taster, making sure that he has the appropriate amount of cat hair on his clothes, checking out any bags or packages he brings home, etc… It’s a good thing there are six of us, I could never do all of that and take all of the naps that I need a day. I hope the other cats help you with your chores.

    Take care my furrend,

    Skittles & Friends

  • Marie

    Oh wouldn’t that be great if Jimmy Fallon wore the costume you helped make! 🙂

    It’s very thoughtful of you to help with the sewing. We help when our mom is doing crafty stuff too — we sit on the papers to make sure they don’t fly away and we chase the strings so they don’t misbehave and sometimes we step in paint or glue which we don’t mean to do but it’s fun when it makes mom squeal and chase us around trying to clean our feet off. We are not easy to catch! Have you every done that? So much fun!

    We are looking forward to seeing the cat costume!

    MacKayla the Empress, Joel Gray, Mittens the Magnificent and Giblet Paws

    P.S. Mom just unpacked (last night) the paper bag you so kindly sent us — we are in love with that bag! Thank you so much! Mom made sure to pack it away safely for the move.

    • Harper Hodges

      Dear Marie,MacKayla the Empress, Joel Gray, Mittens the Magnificent and Giblet Paws,
      As always I am delighted to hear from you. I hope Jimmy Fallon enjoys the costume as well. Maybe he won’t just dress like a cat, maybe he will become a cat!
      I will show you the costume when it is finished.
      So happy your mom packed the paper bag for you to play in. MacKayla? Mittens? Have you been getting along? Listen to Marie when she asks you to be nice to each other. You can rule your kingdoms separately and still be friends.
      Love Harper

  • Susan W A

    First of all, Harper … what an exquisite photo of you on the stunning cat fur material!

    Second … although I don’t know him well, I think Jimmy Fallon would love to have the cat costume and be a cat! How clever of Mrs. Hodges. Sounds like it couldn’t be done without your help, and of course Pooh Hodges’ step by step instructions.

    One question for you … What are your favorite spots to be petted? Behind the ears? Under the chin? Long smooth strokes down your back?

    Sending you warm sunbeams and pettings on your favorite spots.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Dear Susan W A,
      Thank you for your kind compliment. There is so much power in a kind word spoken.
      Mrs. Hodges is busy sewing. I just woke up from taking a nap on the black skirt she just got dry-cleaned.
      I love to have my chin scratched.
      I am sending warm sunbeams back to you.