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I have been given a curfew and I am not happy

I have been given a curfew

When the veterinarian cleaned my wound, she pointed out to Mrs. Hodges the two holes at the top of my head. I did not want to tell Mrs. Hodges, my typist, I had been in a fight. She has always told me to walk away from a fight; turn the other cheek. But sometimes you have to let the other cat know you mean business.

I could smell the other cat. He is an orange cat. He lives in the bushes in the back of my house. He goes by the name Orange.

I was out marking my territory. I back up to the tree line and spray the bottom of the bushes. This is my property; I am responsible to mark the property line for the Hodges and to catch any mice that cross the line.

Orange, bit my head. You should see what he looks like.

I use to go outside whenever I wanted to. If I sat in front of the door my staff opened the door for me. Now there is a sign on the door.


If only I had thumbs.

If only I had thumbs



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I have had a hard life. Born to a single mother in a back alley in Wisconsin. I never knew my father. My sister died young. I am writing my story. Look for it.

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  • Ah. Poor, Pooh! Maybe your staff will make sure you have extra kitty treats or catnip for your troubles. I’m glad your staff didn’t put a curfew on your writing. We would all be sad then.

    • Hello Dearest Anastacia,
      I love to say your name. An-as-tac-ia. I like to say it with an Italian accent. I get to take my pill with soft cat food. And the kittens do not get any. They sort of wish they had to take a pill too.

      Thank you for your kind wishes.
      All the best,
      love Pooh

  • kathunsworth

    Poor Pooh, we hope you heal and learn to stay away from the wrong crowdxxxx

    • Oh Kath,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Orange use to be my close friend. He told the most horrible knock, knock jokes, and I always laughed. I don’t know what happened.

      Sending the warm wishes from Pennsylvania,
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

  • Lucie

    Pooh, I think you will have to form your own group to really make your voice heard. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, it is easy to rally people, er, cats these days.

    • Lucie,
      Are you the beautiful cat in the photograph? Perhaps you are also a writer? Or is Lucie your staff member? I hope she is good to you. You have the most exquisite eyes.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

      • Lucie

        Pooh, I am not the cat in the picture because my mother cannot get an adequate picture of me (I have alien eyes in every photo), so she put up a picture that looks exactly like me. My name is Chloe, but she calls me Chloe-Monster. I am a senior kitty, but I still drive her crazy.

        • Chloe,

          I am delighted to meet you. Yes, it can be hard to photograph a cat’s eyes. Perhaps you are not really a Monster, just misunderstood?

          Perhaps you are not really driving her crazy, she is choosing to be annoyed? My staff member wishes I had never read any books on Boundaries.

          All the best,

          • Lucie

            Mama doesn’t like it when I try to walk on her desk while she’s typing or bite her arm for attention. I only do this because I want her to pay attention to me, but she just says she will pay attention to me when she’s done…and that takes forever. She says I do “Bad Things” to her computer when I walk on the desk. I don’t know what bad things she means.

  • Christa Sterken

    Pooh I do appreciate your position. Your staff sincerely is looking out for your best interest. Don’t be bitter, give them a tip, an early Christmas bonus.

    • My dearest Christa,
      Thank you for trying to understand my position. I have always prided myself on my ability to keep away from cars. My younger employees are only allowed to look out the windows.

      I won’t be bitter. I will forgive.
      Perhaps an early bonus is in order. Mrs. Hodges did take me to the doctor. Perhaps I will just sit on her lap tonight. Sitting with her is really a gift from me to her.
      All the best,
      love Pooh

  • Jeni C

    Oh, Pooh! Sometimes the staff goes over the line (they SAY it’s for our own good, but we know it’s just to exert their authority.) However, consider yourself lucky. The big black cat comes right up to my sliding door! We get into a fight every time, but he can’t smell my markings, as they are inside the house. The staff gets very upset over this, but I am not even allowed out in my own back yard. What’s a cat to do? Your brother in paws, Jack

    • Christa Sterken

      Although I do love cats, I contend Jack, that you do need to investigate your emotional issues with someone who wears a leather protective suit and can love you through your difficulties. I know it isn’t your fault.

      • Jeni C

        Oh, my, sometimes humans forget their manners! Christa, #1, it’s not polite to hi”jack” (so to speak,) someone’s blog for your own personal vendettas. #2, I would think that you would be embarrassed to demonstrate your somewhat hostile reference to my “issues.” You know my past, and abandonment issues. Please do not air my traumatic “issues” in public again.

        P.S. I can’t wait for your next visit. I like to roam in the wee hours now…

        P.P.S. You might be surprised to see that my writer (YOUR mother) had no problem posting this for me. I have my ways!
        As always, Jack

        My apologies to you, Pooh

        • Oh Jack,
          No apologies necessary. You are always welcome to comment. I love to meet cats and humans.

          Perhaps you would like to consider a new name Jack, like Edward or Henry, after the Royal family in England. Perhaps your name has bad memories associated with it.

          That is so nice of you Jack to look forward to a visit from your staff member’s daughter. Perhaps you could share a pillow with her.

          All the best,
          love Pooh

      • Oh my dearest Christa,
        As a fellow writer I admire your comment for it is mysterious and makes me want to know more about the leather protective suit. Perhaps you have been taught by a cat?
        Oh, my dear friend Jack had emotional issues. I pray he is feeling better now.

    • My dearest Jack,
      Would you like me to write a letter on your behalf to your staff member? Perhaps she would consider letting you go out and eat grass? Please remember to barf it on the kitchen floor and not on her rug.

      Jack, really, you need to stop marking in the house. Staff members do like cleaning up sprayed urine. Are you suffering some emotional trauma? Is this your way of telling your staff you need more litter boxes? Is your water dish clean?

      Jack, please forgive Christa. Humans can be tricky at times. And maybe one day you may have to ask her to help you open a can of tuna. It is wise to be nice to the staff members who have thumbs.

      I wish you all the best, and hope you can one day eat grass.

      All the best, love Pooh

      • Jeni C

        My issue is that Black CAT in MY yard! Not to mention the squirrels, rabbits, lizards, and an occasional coyote. Jeni (I do not use formal terms,) does not think I can survive a coyote confrontation. BTW, she did make an effort to take me to the backyard. I am grateful that she isn’t posting a pic of my humiliating experience of my visit to the back yard in a harness! Yes, a harness. I crouched below a tree, so afraid the black cat would see me. Eventually, I relaxed, but didn’t feel like exploring. I’m not sure whether the shots I need to venture outside are worth the trip. Remind me later to tell you about my camping experiences to the desert.
        Yours, in paws,

        P. S. change my name? It seems to fit me just fine, and humans seem to find it humorous to use it in strange ways.

  • Oh Pooh. How sad it is that the safe world you used to know has changed. I hope you heal. And I hope Orange moves.

    • Dear Anne,

      Yes, it is sad. My safe world has changed.

      Orange has lived in the back woods for three years now. He does the worst knock knock jokes. We had been friends. But lately he has started to resent me. I do catch a lot of mice.
      I hope he moves too.
      Love Pooh

  • La McCoy

    This is not acceptable behavior.
    You are The Cat.
    Call a Staff meeting.
    Get back in charge!

    • Oh my dearest Edelweiss,

      This is so terrible. I love to go outside late at night and watch the fireflies. They are so beautiful when they sparkle at night. I had to watch them through the window last night.
      Thank you for your concern.
      Love your friend,