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I have filled out a requisition form for more kittens.

Charlie, my assistant, has a new job assignment.  Charlie’s job is a lateral move.   He is now Head of Human Relations

He was originally hired to help market my mouse hunting business to local housewives.  However I have found the local mouse population has decreased due to construction on our street. The noise of the dynamite blasting has caused most of the mouse community to move to the next neighborhood.

As Head of Human Relations Charlie is responsible to keep my staff members moral up.  He jumps on their lap and purrs. He offers warmth and comfort. I, however, have five staff members. Charlie has way too much work for one cat.

I have filled out a requisition form,  requesting two more kittens, and presented it to my staff.

Until we hire more kittens I will have to stay inside the house and help Charlie with office moral.

There are too many laps and too few cats. And, it is only 21 degrees fahrenheit and party cloudy outside today.

Yes, until we get more staff, I will sit by the fire and keep moral up.

About Pooh Hodges

I have had a hard life. Born to a single mother in a back alley in Wisconsin. I never knew my father. My sister died young. I am writing my story. Look for it.

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  • Dear Pooh,
    As a lone pup i am really enjoying our virtual communication.
    I have my neighbors and my cousins for companionship.And my DAD. I would never request a pup. I would have to share my egg. My elimination spot would pile up with…Well you know what.. A pup might expect me to share my DAD. Not a good plan.
    No. No pup needed here.
    Why do you want a feline crowd again?
    I just do not understand.
    Puzzled. Edelweiss.

    • My Dearest Edelweiss,
      Someone has been spreading false information about cats. I often take naps now with Charlie on the rocking chair in the basement. I don’t often talk about my sister who died when I was a kitten. I have been lonely for feline companionship for years. I am writing my memoir now. You sound very attached to your DAD, and your egg. You really do sound content. I will tell you how the kitten selection goes. All the best, love Pooh