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Kittens like to play with paper bags. Would you like me to send you a paper bag?

Kittens like to play with paper bags. Really we do. Paper bags are so much fun to hide in. And you can even chew on the handles.

Mrs. Hodges leaves paper bags and cardboards boxes all over the house. I love her when she does that. I mean, I love her when she gives me a paper bag to play with.Well, I love her when she feeds me too. And I love her when she cleans the litter boxes.

Would you like me to send you a paper bag to play with? I don’t think Mrs. Hodges has any bags big enough for a human, but I can get her to send you a bag like I have.

Really I can. She is my typist. I can ask her now.

“Mrs. Hodges, will you please send a paper bag to one of my kitten friends?”

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“Sure I can Harper. How will we choose which kitten gets a paper bag?”

“Hmmm. I am not sure. Why don’t we write all of their names on a piece of paper. Then, well, then, lets put all of the names on the table and I can knock one of the names on the floor, just like I pushed your computer mouse on the floor that you couldn’t find for four days, and your glasses but thankfully they didn’t break and you found them, and your pencil sharpener, and your pencils, and the salt and pepper, and the glass bowl that smashed and you had to put me in the laundry room and close the door because you said I might cut my feet. But they are not feet they are really paws. Martha, the dog, told me that.”

“What a great idea Harper.”

Hi, it’s me Harper again. So, there you have it. If you would like me to send you a a paper bag to play in. That is, if you are a cat. Please tell me in the comments if you would like to be in the drawing for a paper bag.

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A week from today. Tuesday, September 29th, Mrs. Hodges will write down all of your names on a piece of paper, and one of the kittens will get a paper bag from me. Maybe, just maybe Mrs. Hodges can draw cat pictures on the bag.

“Yes, Harper I will. I will draw kittens on the bag. ”

I would write down your names but I don’t have any thumbs.

Oh goody. This will be so much fun.

Oh, and do you like to play with paper bags? I am curious.


Love Harper,
(now I have to go to bed.It is really late at night, and I am tired.)

(And Mrs. Hodges needs her sleep so she
can clean the seven litter boxes tomorrow morning.)


About Harper Hodges

Hi, it’s me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types.

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  • Ciao

    Oh hello Harper!

    My name is Ciao, my owner has been letting me read your blog and today was my blog reading day. so I saw you put up that I could have a paper bag!!!!! I would love to have one. paper bags are AWESOME!!!!!!! they are so cool. you can eat them if your food bowl is empty and you can use them like your own house or bedroom. They are super cool. Just saying I love paper bags. And I would love to get one from you. Oh and so you know what I look like,
    My eyes are golden/green
    My fur is brown and black tabby
    and I have no idea what type of cat I am.
    Please send me a paper bag. I rather have grown attached to them.

    Love, Ciao

    P.S. I love paper bags. and boxes, and scratching couches ( they’re like scratching posts but way cooler.), And my toys I have this one, and my owner (this little girl named Emily) will play with them with me!

  • Muffin

    Dear Harper,

    Hello. I am Muffin the cat. Yet I don’t see why they call me Muffin. Is it a type of food or drink or even catnip? Well, I am a white cat with pale blue eyes. I love boxes and paper bags. Well that is it for now I might respond more later today, Bye!

    Lover of boxes,

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Muffin,
      Oh my, you have the most beautiful eyes. I think my eyes are orange. Yes, I wonder why they called you muffin too. Perhaps it is because you are cute and cuddly.
      I was named after a writer. She wrote two books her whole life. I want to write more books than that.
      Wishing you a happy day. Oh, and I am sending you a bag too!
      Love Harper

  • Pumpkin The cat

    Dear Harper, this is pumpkin speaking ,
    I have seen what you have written, and can relate. A friend of mine, mousy, she was a cat by the way, died a while ago. All cats adore you, Pumpkin.
    ( human use this word called senpia, I think I could call you that, cause I look up to you! I’m sorry about your loss. do )

    • Pumpkin The cat

      Oh and sadly, I can’t get a bag

      – Pumpkin

      • Harper Hodges

        My dearest Pumpkin,
        Please accept my deep sorry in the loss of Mousy.

        I would love to send you a bag. My typist was forgetful and didn’t chose one cat, so we decided to send all the cats who commented a bag.
        Thank you for your compassion about the loss of Pooh. I wish I could have met him.
        Love Harper

  • La McCoy

    Dear Harper,
    I would love a paper bag.
    But i think mom has some. I will ask her.
    I like to chew them.
    Right now i am trying to get her to let me color with side walk chalk.
    I do not have her convinced yet.
    Your friend and Advocate.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Edelweiss,
      I will be sending you a bag. Perhaps your mother
      can use it to bag groceries when she shops for dog biscuits.
      I heard you like to eat cardboard boxes.
      all my best,

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Harper,

    Me and my team all love bags and cardboard boxes, Captiva loves bags the most, she is always crawling into them. We have a large box with holes cut in it and we run in and out chasing each other, Sabre loves to sit on top of it and swat us as we race by, Sanibel, Sierra, and Lone Wolf like to chew up the boxes, they are always leaving cardboard crumbs all over the floor, The Big Guy just bought a new pair of work boots so we have a cool new box to play with, we love to run and jump in it and make it slide all over the tile floor, We also have several cardboard scratching loungers, I really enjoy them. We would love to enter the drawing for a paper bag with cat drawings on it, last year when we lived in the old house Pooh sent us a signed birthday hat and picture, so if we win the bag it will join them on the table. It is so good to hear from you, We look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Take Care, Your Friend,

    • Harper Hodges

      My dearest Skittles,
      Oh, dear. You wrote me such a nice letter and I have not been on the computer for so many days. My typist is so forgetful.
      You sound like you have a very fun house. Pooh would have loved your kindness in saving the hat he sent you.
      We are sending you a bag to play with. I just need your address. My typist will help me send you an email today.
      Love Harper

      • Skittles Anderson

        Hello Harper,
        Thanks for being soo very generous with your bags, you are very kind, and yes we have a very fun house, it was scary at first when we first moved in, having spent my whole life in the other house, but this one is bigger and has lots more windows and a very large screened in porch for all of us to play on. I had the big guy send you our mailing address, he sent it to the [email protected]
        looking forward to hearing more about your adventures,

        Your friend,

  • Berdeane Bodley

    How fun, another fun game for kittens, cats, hang a string from the doorframe, ceiling or wherever, tie a sealer ring to the string letting it hang sever ft. off the floor, then the kitten, cat, can jump at it as it swings. Our cats used to love that game, almost as good as a paper bag. Remember that Pamela??

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Nana,
      I asked Mrs. Hodges if she remembered the game you played with the kittens and she remembers it well.
      She also remembers how good your chicken soup tastes.
      I wish I could meet you.
      Love Harper, your grandchild
      p.s. I am a cat

  • Sandy Kreps

    This is Tiggie, using my mom’s account to type since she STILL hasn’t gotten me my own email. I would like to be entered for the paper bag. I enjoy paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, baskets, bins, plastic bags, fabric bags, and pretty much any other kind of bag, bin or box, even ones only my paw fits into.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Tiggie,
      So nice to meet you. You look a lot like Sandy Kreps right now. hahahaha, I am so funny.
      I will put your name on the table next week. Mrs. Hodges will make a little video of the selection process.
      I love cardboard boxes too. They are so much fun. Ask your typist to put a ping-pong ball in one of your boxes. Now that is fun!
      All my best,

    • Harper Hodges

      Hi Tiggie,
      I would love to send you a bag. Mrs. Hodges kept forgetting to pick a winner, we decided everyone is a winner!
      Love Harper

  • Marie

    It’s so good to see you writing Harper, you are an adorable kitty!

    We have some sad news — our William the Orange is gone. We are very upset and lonely without him. It happened very quickly and unexpectedly 🙁

    Joel Gray, MacKayla the Empress and Giblet Paws are holding things together. And Giblet loves bags so he would quite enjoy one. He loves to sit in bags and boxes — including Mom’s plastic box (with no lid) that she keeps her journaling stuff in. She fusses about having cat hair on her Washi tape but she lets him because he loves that box. Joel has his cardboard box complete with duck pillow pet. He wouldn’t fit well into a paper bag although he tries 🙂

    • Harper Hodges

      Marie, Marie, Marie,
      I am just so sad over William the Orange’s death. Pooh little Joel Gray, MacKayla the Empress and Giblet Paws. I can totally understand why they are so sad.
      I never met Pooh, but the other cats who live here said he was a kind cat.
      William and Pooh must be chasing mice in Heaven, or playing tennis with them.
      Your typist sounds so kind, to let the cats sit in her journaling box.
      I really do like humans. Especially when they keep the litter boxes clean and feed me.
      Having no thumbs is hard when you are hungry.
      Love Harper

    • Harper Hodges

      Dear Joel Gray, MacKayla the Empress and Giblet Paws,

      I would love to send you a bag.
      Please forgive my delay in replying. My typist is taking a college class and she has been a bit forgetful. Thankfully she is still cleaning the litter boxes every day.
      Love Harper

  • DA Schuhow

    I’m in love with your cute kitty! We are getting some kittens in a couple of weeks and I am sure they would love a paper bag to play with!

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello DA Schuhow,
      Thank you for saying hello. How fun you are getting kittens. They might need to be kept in a bathroom until you are sure they are potty-trained.
      I learned right away.
      My brother and I are quick learners.
      Love Harper

    • Harper Hodges

      My dear DA Schuhow,
      My typist and I have decided to give all my friends bags. She has been so busy going to school she forgot to pick one cat to send a bag to.
      Love Harper

  • Marina Sofia

    Ah, Harper, you are quite the expert in getting in and out of paper bags! Well done! I am no longer a kitten and have some difficulty getting in and out of paper bags (although I am not FAT, I just have big bones!), although I do like my tunnel. So I am afraid I cannot take you up on your lovely offer. I’m also a bit scared of bags in general: when I was a kitten like you, a nasty person took me and my brothers and sisters in a big plastic bag and tried to throw us away. At least, that’s what my typist Marina thinks, because I run away like a bullet whenever I hear the rustle of a bag, either paper or plastic. I just call it being ‘extra careful’.

    • Harper Hodges

      Oh my dearest Marina,
      How scary that must have been to be put in a big plastic bag. That person was a Big Meany. I would scratch them if I ever saw them.
      I totally understand why you wouldn’t want a paper bag to play with.
      But, if you like, instead of a paper bag, Mrs. Hodges could give you a drawing instead.
      Just let me know so I can put your name on the table with the other cat names.
      Wishing you all my best,
      Love Harper

    • Harper Hodges

      My dearest Marina,
      Since you are so afraid of bags, I will send you a little drawing of a cat instead.
      I don’t want to cause you any harm or scare you with a bag.
      Wishing you all my best.