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Martha has learned how to share

One of the qualities I try to instill in my employees it the ability to share. It is important as a CEO to model good behavior to my four staff members. The three kittens and one dog. I share all of my books, and my catnip.

Martha  owns two beds. She has one in the basement by the back door where she watches for bad guys. She also has a bed in the library. This morning when I was making my rounds of the house, checking up on my staff, and my employees. I noticed JR, the small black kitten, asleep on Martha’s bed. Martha was wondering what to do.

Martha asked me, “Pooh do you think it would be all right if I took a nap with JR? I would hate to wake up the kitten. Kittens really need their sleep, as they are awake all night running up and down the staircase, and jumping over me when I sleep at the bottom of the stairs.”

I told her, “Martha your kindness towards the kittens is to be commended. I shall put a note in your folder, and give  you a raise at the end of the next quarter. You may take a nap with the kitten. You were wise to seek my approval first. I want to know everything that goes on in this house, and be consulted on every decision.”

Martha and the kitten took a nice long nap together. When JR first arrived at our corporate headquarters, he was afraid of Martha. You can understand why. Martha is bigger then the kitten. The kitten has learned now that size is not something to be afraid of. I have been training the kittens to judge someone based on their character and not their outward appearance.

About an hour later I went back into the library to see if the kittens had finished their schoolwork. They are learning how to read.  Martha is definitely getting a raise. She has gone beyond what is required of her. She has clearly demonstrated the company policy to put others first.   I will  write an article, How To Train Your Employees to Share, and  submit it to Cat Business Weekly.

When I came back the three kittens were on the bed. Nepeta was giving her brother JR a back rub, and Charlie was demonstrating the proper way to bathe.

Martha had given up her bed, and moved onto an adjacent rug.

Martha will get a bonus this quarter.


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  • Pooh,
    You run a tight ship here! Great to get all of your employees aligned with the mission and vision you seek!

    • Hello Amy. So nice to hear from you. Yes, as CEO of my company, I try to model good behavior. The boss really must lead by example. I like the metaphor of a ship. Perhaps I should refer to myself as “The Captain?”
      All the best,
      Love Captain Pooh 🙂

  • I wish I worked for you.

    • Oh, hello Kathleen. I would love to have you work for me. However, I don’t have any openings right now. If my senior staff keeps forgetting to clean the litter box, I may need to replace her. I will keep you informed.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

  • writekimwrite

    Pooh you are such a wise CEO! How wonderful of you to model, encourage, notice and reward good behavior. Please tell Martha, “Good dog ” for me, too.

    • My dearest Kim. I am so sorry I missed your message. I will have to have a talk with my typist. Martha was delighted with your comment. She asked me to thank you for noticing her good behavior.
      All the best, love Pooh.