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Martha, my bodyguard, and I had an early morning meeting

An early morning meeting with Martha, my bodyguard

Martha, my bodyguard, and me, Pooh Hodges.

Martha and I like to meet in the early morning to discuss the plans for the day.

In the early morning Mrs. Hodges opens the door for me when I politely ask. Martha sits by the front door and wants to come out with me, but she has to wait.

If Mrs. Hodges opens the front door, Martha will run away. She will not come back when called.

Martha has to be on a lease. I get to walk freely in the front yard and have my morning snack of green grass.

It is always good to start your day talking to your employees. Making them feel valued and appreciated. The best way to be a leader is to be kind and care about your employees. Listen and then follow through on their requests.

Martha told me she would like to walk every morning. Apparently Mrs. Hodges is not consistently walking her. Martha never knows when she will get to walk or when she is allowed to sleep in. It is causing her a great deal of stress.

After breakfast I will schedule a meeting with Martha and Mrs. Hodges.

Do you have early morning meetings with your employees and staff? 


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  • kathunsworth

    Dear Pooh you could change the

  • Tink Caron

    Dear Mr. Pooh, I don’t want to work for anyone ever, but I would be on your staff if you let me do whatever I want. Love, Tink

    • Dear Tink,
      When I have a job opening I will consider you first, as you showed a great dear of respect by calling me Mr. Pooh.
      However I don’t know if I could allow you to do whatever you want. You wouldn’t be allowed to poop in the house. And you would be required to scare away bad guys.
      Let me know.
      All the best,

      • Amindele

        That’s ‘deal’ of respect.

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh,
    This is a lot to think about.
    Actually I liked the post about the mice much better.
    I like action! I am an acton oriented kind of girl.
    Tell Martha to whine, scratch am yip to wake Ms Hodges, Not enough to get her mad. But just enough to wake her and let her worry if maybe Martha is sick and going to go potty in the house.
    Be careful.
    But carefully done this works every time!
    My mom will get up at 2am and let me out if i do it right.
    Keep writing Pooh!

    • My Dearest Edelweiss,
      Thank you for your wise council. However Mrs. Hodges has never rewarded whining.
      Perhaps I just need to give her a schedule and instruct her to follow it. As CEO of the house, I need to lead.
      All the best,