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Meet Yoda, a cat who moved from Tennessee, USA to Kathmandu, Nepal

Today’s guest post is by Yoda, a cat. Yoda is the star of  a blog about cat care. Fluffy Kitty. Humans, Brittany and Paul do all the writing there. Now we get to hear from Yoda! A cool cat who was rescued from an animal shelter in Johnson City, Tennessee and then moved to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Yoda’s Story

From Tennessee, USA to Kathmandu, Nepal

What’s happening? Where am I? How did I get here?

Those were my thoughts on July 23rd, 2015, the day I arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal. When my meowmy first told me about this place I thought she meant we were going to a cool cat park or something, you know, “CATmando.” But I was wrong.


It all started not two weeks earlier when my meowmy quit her job and moved back home. She seemed so rushed, I didn’t understand why. Then it kept getting weirder. She took me to the vet twice, yet I wasn’t sick. Something about an international health certificate to travel? Heck if I know. Seemed serious though, the way meowmy was stressing out. I gave her lots of cuddles that day.

On July 22nd we took a long car ride. I loved it, like always. But then I had to get in my carrier. It got really loud. Humans were everywhere. What are those big roll-y things? I hope they don’t toss me around like that too, I thought. Luckily my meowmy was with me to keep me safe.


Before long, meowmy had to shove my carrier under a seat in a strange looking vehicle. I’ve never seen a car that big. The noise it made was so scary I didn’t move or make a peep, err, meow. I was relieved to get off that thing, but I didn’t know that what was ahead was going to be even worse. “Cargo”, meowmy said. She said I shouldn’t be afraid, that I’d see her again soon. I believed her. She gave me one last kiss and hug before disappearing out of sight. At that moment I knew I should’ve went potty before leaving the house.

What’s happening? Where am I? How did I get here?

Something smelled like rotten fish. I was hot and sweaty and couldn’t see very well out my carrier. I can’t begin to tell about the crazy stuff I saw. My whole world just changed. This is going to be a real adventure, I thought.

Here I am, almost 8 months later. Life outside is pretty exciting, but my favorite thing to do is to sit and watch the pigeons out the window. I have all I could ask for; a warm bed, healthy food, fun toys, and two parents who love me.




Yoda =(^^)=



Hi, This is Harper now.
Would you please say hello to Yoda. You can ask him questions about living in Nepal if you want to. You can click here to comment.
Love Harper

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  • La McCoy

    Hi Harper, Please tell Yoda I hope she has a happy life.

    • Hi Edelweiss,
      Thank you for your sweet comment. I am indeed enjoying my life right now! In a few weeks, I head back home to the States. Excited to see my dog furiends!

  • Marie

    Hi Yoda (and Harper!) — what an amazing adventure you have had Yoda! Although none of us here (the four furballs) would be brave enough to do something like that we are very impressed! We are going to be moving too which is worrying us a lot. Although we have been told that it’s not very far away — a short drive. But still, a new house, and a dog!!! That doesn’t sound very good. Thank you Harper for having such a neat/fun guest kitty post!

    Hugs and purrs,
    McKaya the Empress
    Joel Gray
    Giblet Paws
    and Mittens the Magnificent

    • Hi furballs! (McKaya the Empress, Joel Gray, Giblet Paws, and Mittens the Magnificent) Thanks so much for sharing your kind thoughts with me! I wish each of you the best of luck for your move. New place, new smells (ESPECIALLY the dog..), it all sounds exciting!


  • bjdonaldson

    What a fun slice from a cat’s perspective. The play on words throughout the post is clever. Thanks for sharing.

    • No, thank YOU for sharing your sweet thoughts! Glad you liked my story. =(^^)=

  • Ciao

    WOW YODA your story is amazing. Pretty inspiring for a cat such as me. The only place I’ve ever been is the vet. But you had quite the travel didn’t you?

    Well anyway my momma says I gotta go. Bye

    • Thanks furiend!! I enjoy traveling far and wide, but my favorite is to take small rides in the car with meowmy & daddy! Au revoir 🙂

      • Ciao

        Yeah! I didn’t know you spoke french thats awesome I speak some french myself.

        • Ah bon ? C’est chouette! J’ai appris quelques mots à force de l’entendre quand maman et papa se parlent ^^

          • Ciao

            Oh vraiment? Ouais je sais seulement francais parce que deux de mes proprietaires parlent. Mais ouais francais est une belle langue.

          • Oui j’en suis tout à fait d’accord !

          • Ciao

            Oui en effet! Avez-vous deja ete en france? Ja n’ai pas le cas.

          • Moi pas encore, mais ma meowmy et mon daddy oui ils sont y allés plusieurs fois 🙂

  • LilianGardner

    Hello Yoda,
    What an awesome journey you’ve taken.
    I’m glad you like your family and the house and that you have a place to sit and watch the pidgeons. Do you ever feel like nabbing one? Just for fun?
    I’m doing my best to be adopted by the family that I visit daily, and who very kindly give me a bowl of cat-biscuits when they see me sneak out from under the hedgerows.
    Minnie, the family’s cat, doesn’t seem to mind my presence too much. She won’t allow me to get too near her special entry to the kitchen. We don’t fight but we often just sit and stare at each other
    The Ms. calls me Velvet, and when she stoops to scratch me under the chin, I love it! At first I was afraid when she approached me, but now, when she coes, ‘Velvet, come Velvet’ I can’t help rubbing against her legs.
    Please tell me if the people in Katmundu like cats. Are your parents Tibetan natives? If so, what do they feed you?
    I hope you’ll be loved and pampered always.
    Your friend,

    • Hi there furiend Velvet,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I want to read more! I would LOVE to nab one, but they just fly by so quick! I am hoping you will soon be in your forever adopted home; what a sweet Ms. to love and cuddle on you like that! She seems like a keeper, Velvet, so don’t let her get away. 😉
      There is another cat here too, her name is Mia. She yelled at me once, but I am quite the bigger, fluffier cat, so I extended a little kiss to her which she accepted! Now we are furiends. Hopefully you and Minnie will become furiends too!
      The Nepalese people are quite afraid and skeptical of cats. There are lots of cats without homes. Meowmy always offers some of my food to them when she can; sometimes I eat kibble, chicken & rice, and fresh fish! I don’t know my birth parents, but my hoomans are from the USA (like me) and daddy is from France.
      Sending love and hugs!
      Yoda =(^^)=

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Yoda, My name is Skittles, I’m the CEO of my household, there five other cats who live with me, and the big guy who feeds us and cleans the litter boxes. Wow that was an exciting and scary story, and here I thought that moving from our old house to a new one was scary, we just moved about thirty minutes away, you moved half the world away. You are a very brave cat. I like to sit by the window and watch the birds and squirrels outside as well, what other animals do you see, are there any squirrels there? Thanks for telling us about your adventures.

    • Hi Skittles!
      Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your life with me and for reading about my adventure! Being CEO must come with lots of household responsibilities ^^. Meowmy talks about adopting more like me so one day I think I too will have several brothers and sisters, but I’ll show them who’s boss – just like you! There are some squirrels here, but I don’t see them often. I see big animals sometimes though, like cows and goats, there are lots of noisy barkers in my neighborhood, too.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  • Esmeralda

    Hi Harper. Hi Yoda. I love reading from guest writer like this one. Kisses for your meowmy

    • Hi there Esmeralda! My meowmy says she loves your name! Thanks so much for enjoying my story, I appurreciate it. x