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My name is Pooh, Pooh Hodges


My full name is Winnie The Pooh Hodges. I was named after a stuffed bear in a Disney Movie. My friends call me Pooh.  One of my staff bought me a Winnie the Pooh puzzle as a gift. She put it together for me. I appreciate the kind gesture. But. I don’t really like my name.

I have always wanted to change my name. I would like to be called William, or Arthur or Philip or Louis. Price William, the Duke of Cambridge has four names. I would be pleased with any one of his names. I want to be called William, or Prince William. I will let my friends call me Bill.

It is very hard to change your name. My friends don’t want to call me William. I should have changed it when we moved to Pennsylvania two years ago. Now all of the cats in the neighborhood know my name is Pooh.

I don’t understand why my staff did not change my name when I chose them at the animal shelter in Wisconsin. The Shelter staff named me Winnie the Pooh. My staff thought it was cute, and they kept the name.

My staff bought me a body-guard three years ago from Craigslist. They changed the name of the purebred chocolate labrador retriever from Dulce to Martha.  Martha is the talking dog in the books by Susan Meddaugh.  Why did she get a new name and I didn’t?  Wasn’t there a famous cat I could be named after?

I am so embarrassed when I introduce myself at the local writers workshop.

“Hello, my name is Pooh. Pooh Hodges. I am, The Cat Who Writes.”

The writers laugh, “Poo, your name is Poo?

“Yes, my name is Pooh, I spell it P.O.O.H.”

If my staff move again, I will change my name to William. But you may call me Bill. Let’s be friends.

Do you ever wish you could change your name?




About Pooh Hodges

I have had a hard life. Born to a single mother in a back alley in Wisconsin. I never knew my father. My sister died young. I am writing my story. Look for it.

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  • Berdeane Bodley

    I would love to order a cat calendar, can’t get into that link………rats!!! Rosey Nana

  • Amindele

    I am a cat. I can sympathize. Not by being teased by mean writers – bite them for me! – but by being called kitty or fluffy. That is not my name!

  • Francine Portelance

    Dear Bill, I understand your frustration with being named after a very famous person, and they did not stop at Pooh but called you Winnie the Pooh, I find that makes it difficult to see you with your real colors. I encourage you to stay open and when you find a name that you feel would make you proud and that you feel would be comfortable in under any circumstances you may adopt the new name and tell the world with all of your friends and aquaintances that it is your new name and you will only go by that. That is not a denial or lak of respect for the people who loved you and took care of you, it is simply you telling the world who you are. Asserting yourself. I find you very charming and endearing, and would like to know you better. You look like the kind of cat I would really like to have as a dear friend.

    I had difficulty with my own name when I was in 3rd grade, they were six other girls in my class who had the same name as me. I came back home so upset and asked my mother why she gave me such a common name. Because I wanted to shine and have a distinctive name. With the years I learned to accept it, because I never found another name that I felt was appropriate. isnt’ that strange? Though I have not given up someday I will find just the right name for me.

    For now you have choosen William or Bill, that these names are interchangeable has always been a mistery to me. However…

    Dear Bill it was a pleasure to read your lines.

    • Dear Miss Francine. My staff, Pamela, told me you use to be her next door neighbor, and that you had a beautiful cat you were staff for. How wonderful.
      I am pleased for you that you have come to accept your name. Six other girls in grade three with the same name! I can imagine your horror. Perhaps you have grown into your name, and now it suits you? Your personality is what makes you, not what your name is. At least that is what my therapist tells me.
      I don’t really know how I feel about the name Bill. Perhaps William is more appropriate. I do sometimes feel like a prince.

      • Francine Portelance

        Dear Prince William
        you are the prince of your domain. Thank you for your kind words.
        Please let your staff Pamela know that I framed the beautiful picture of Romeo the cat, she took (which is his name) and that the picture is still on my bedroom wall. I framed it in a light grey colored mat, on which I drew colorful birds, flowers and a calico cat who came to visit him in a light grey metal frame. I cherish this picture. Romeo had a good life, with plenty of adventures, after moving to Kelowna he enjoyed the country side and wilderness and shared his domain with a medium size black dog (70 pounds) to which, on the first week, he explained in clear terms that he was not to be chased after and that HE was number one in the household.

        The dog always respected him, 1 1/2 year later a larger dog joined the household (90 pounds), and he too learned to respect ROmeo. Romeo died suddenly in the Fall of 1995, he was quite old and moving slowly, I never really knew his age cause when he came to me he already had lived with 4 previous staff. I was told that everyone of them loved him and took care of finding a gentle and loving staff to take care of him when they had to move away and could not take him with them. He had a great personnality and was loved by us all. Me, my husband at the time, our little boy and our visitors. Even the dogs missed him cause he was caring and wise.
        It feels good to talk about him, thank you for caring.

        • Dearest Miss Francine, I have tears in my eyes for the loss of your dear sweet Romeo. I read your letter to my staff Pamela, and she was touched that you had saved the photograph of Romeo all of these years. I am happy you had a chance to talk about him. I do care. Pamela and I both send you hugs and kisses.

  • Robin Patrick

    Dear Pooh, er um, Bill. I feel your pain regarding your name. In my early life I was called Bobbie Lu. Yes, I know the pain. I am, however, more fortunate than you because my name was changed and I do not hve to go through life with a moniker I don’t like.
    However, you must concede that you obviously have a devoted staff. That is something most of us do not have. While I applaud you for assertively promoting your campaign for a name change, I think you might take into consideration that in all probability the very name you dislike played a part in endearing you to your current staff. In your case the result of such a charming, if not chosen, name is your ongoing plush lifestyle.. Something to think about?

    • My Dear Miss Robin, or should I say Miss Bobbie Lu. I must say that your new name is wonderful. I personally have eaten a few robins myself. The last time I tried to hide the evidence. But I did not want to eat the last few feathers or the feet.
      Thank you so much Miss Robin for your advice. My staff often call me Pooh Bear and they think I am cuddly. Being thought of as cuddly is helpful when I vomit grass on the carpet.