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Peachy, the fish would like to be my friend

Peachy the fish would like to be my friend

I have several friends. Some of my friends are cats. My best friend is a dog, Martha. She is also my bodyguard. The people in the house I live in, have  become my friends. They are my staff. However, I think it is wise to be friendly with the people who feed you.

Yesterday I received my first letter from a fish. Peachy, the fish, was brought to an English writing class by the family she lives with. Anastacia Maness was teaching a creative writing class at her home school co-op about perspective. Mrs. Maness wrote a story called The Cat Who Writes.

” Who better to help me teach perspective than Pooh Hodges,” Mrs. Maness wrote in her story.

I was pleased to read in Mrs. Maness’s story that she is well aware that I dictate my stories to Mrs. Hodges. Mrs. Hodges is only the typist. I have heard a few people say Mrs. Hodges is really the writer of this blog. I am offended by the theory. I am a writer. I am the cat who writes.

Dear Pooh,

What’s going on here? I am scared in this strange place.
I am hungry. Thankfully my people brought food for me.
If you were to visit our class, please don’t eat me.
I want to be friends. Will you send me a letter too?
Have you ever eaten a fish? You wouldn’t eat me, right?
Thank you for sharing your story with us.



My dearest Peachy,

I would never eat you. I prefer mice. I have eaten canned tuna, but never a live fish. I eat my food from a dish on the floor. I prefer to have to catch my food. Usually I try to hide the evidence. The bird I ate on the back deck was delicious. The fun is in the hunt. Stalking and then jumping. I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the birds feet.

I wish you all the best Peachy. Did you ask your staff to feed you yesterday? And get them to change your water regularly. I like fresh water too.

Love Pooh



About Pooh Hodges

I have had a hard life. Born to a single mother in a back alley in Wisconsin. I never knew my father. My sister died young. I am writing my story. Look for it.

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  • Every time I read Pooh’s bio I laugh. Every. Time. I came over today just for that

  • Fish sounds Delicious Pooh!
    You eat bird and mice!
    Of course i never mean to harm anyone.
    I don;t have a mean bone.
    PS i invited Peachy to lunch. Mom said Peachy wisely declined!

  • Thank you, Pooh! I’ll read your letter to Peachy and the rest of my class. Peachy will be glad to hear that you won’t eat him. Who knows maybe one day Peachy will have his own blog too.