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Santa came to our house this morning and gave me a hat

Santa came to our house this morning and gave me a hat. I tried to stay awake. I have always wanted to meet Santa. But I must have fallen asleep in front of the fireplace. When I woke up my stocking was full and Santa was gone.

A cat wearing a Santa Hat

Perhaps Santa is really a cat. How will he get down our chimney? There is a piece of glass in front of the screen and the fireplace burns gas.

Santa brought me a catnip toy last year. And for that I am very grateful. This year when I wrote Santa I asked a Santa hat.  Mrs. Hodges wrote it for me. I am so thankful I have such a nice typist.

Perhaps this year I will give her a bonus. Tomorrow morning when I go outside for my morning walk I will look for a small field mouse. Cats like to show affection to humans by bring them a dead mouse. If I can’t find one I will sit on her lap and purr.

I hope you have a nice Christmas. I am.

I just have to find a sunbeam.

All my best
Love Pooh

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p.s.s What did you ask Santa for this year? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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  • Santa Paws came early for Milo. He got these balls with bells in them. He loves chasing them around the house. He also got this other contraption with balls inside…he pretends not to like it but i’ve caught him playing with it when no one is watching. I got a new blanket that he has come to take over and like it 🙂

    Merry Christmas Pooh maybe one year you will catch Santa in action!

    • Hello My dearest Beth Anne and Milo,
      I am delighted to hear from you. Milo’s gift from Santa Paws sound so fun. Perhaps I will ask Santa for some next year.
      You are very kind to share your blanket with Milo.

      Next year I will catch Santa. I will set up a video camera.
      Love Pooh

  • La McCoy

    Dear Pooh,
    I only asked Mom for my dinner yesterday. That was all i wanted. A few weeks ago Dad, My Santa, brought me a chew and i am good with that.
    I like you Santa hat. I am so glad Santa did not bring me one. Mom might try to get me to wear it. She put your birthday hat in a safe place. She may wear it soon. My birthday is coming up.
    I will ask around if Mom can tie me a feather on a string. That sounds fun.
    I did post my calendar on your Blog. I was so excited about the calendar.
    Mom asked Mrs Hodges for some click to tweets. Mom thinks this is a good week to promote your calendar more with Tweets. Maybe a bunch of us can help tweet for you Pooh.
    Love Edelweiss.

    • Hello Edelweiss,
      Thank you for much for stopping by to say hello. Please give your best to your Mother for me.
      Please don’t eat the feather on a string. Your chew sounds very delicious.
      I wish you all my best,
      Love Pooh

  • Kathy

    Sounds like Pooh got a royal treatment from Santa to have snagged a cozy hat. Unfortunately, my cats don’t enjoy the outer trappings of hats or cute attire. They just like to lounge all day and occasionally sit on my lap. A feather attached to a string is a favorite toy of Oscar’s. He is a tuxedo and needs to watch his weight. He will eat the leftovers that Angela the white cat leaves which accounts for his unwanted pounds.

    • My dearest Kathy,
      Oscar and Angela sound like very smart cats. I kept my hat on long enough to take a photograph, but found the elastic chin strap to be uncomfortable.
      I must ask Mrs. Hodges to get attach a feather to a string. Or perhaps I can ask Santa for one next year.
      Oscar and I seem to have the same problem. But I don’t like the thought of exercise.
      All my best to you and your cats. Please share a photograph of them here is you wish. I would love to meet them.
      All my best,
      Love Pooh