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Sometimes you have to cry

I begged her to type my story first.

For the past two weeks I have gotten up early with my senior staff member, Mrs. Hodges. She is my typist. I patiently waited for her to listen to me. I dictate. She types. But she has been too busy writing her own stories. She has not typed any of my stories. I am sad.

Today I begged her, “Please write my story first. Please.”

I am ashamed to admit it. But I cried. I put my paw on her right hand, and I cried. “Cry, cry, cry.”

She is participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers. And so am I.

Writing every day will help me develop a habit. Mrs. Hodges wrote 3 Reasons why you should write every day, yesterday. If she knows how important it is to write every day, she really should type my stories for me.

Will you please remind Mrs. Hodges to type my stories.

Or do you think I should just fire her and get another typist? I don’t want to fire her, perhaps I will just not give her a raise this year.

Have you ever had a staff member that wouldn’t do their job? What did you do?

Please tell me in the comments.

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About Pooh Hodges

I have had a hard life. Born to a single mother in a back alley in Wisconsin. I never knew my father. My sister died young. I am writing my story. Look for it.

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  • Amindele

    Maybe you should type! I type. I am a Cat who Types. But I make mistakes, so I still use a typist.

  • annepeterson

    Pooh, how hard it must be to have the stories inside of you with no way to tell them yourself. No, you must depend on others to put your cat-like words into sentences we humans can read. Oh, what a plight. Hang in there, Pooh, sometimes we sit at our computers and the words are slow in coming. Which is worse I wonder. Too bad you cannot get a Dragon program which recognizes Meow language. Then you could be on your own computer just letting the program convey your every thought.

    You asked if we had ever had a staff member who didn’t do her job. I can remember a time I took a class and we had group projects and someone would not carry their weight. I remember trying to encourage the person to contribute letting her know each part was important and that for the success of the project we needed everyone’s part. I believe she did her part and it worked out, but it was stressful. Might I suggest you just curl up somewhere and think of mouse-ful days?

  • Michelle

    I love that you are sharing your stories, Pooh. Someone has to tell your side of the story. I don’t think at the beginning of the challenge that you should let your senior staff member go – what will you do tomorrow? Perhaps you could just walk away and then turn around and give her that look that you are in charge, or flick your tail, back and forth. She’ll get the message. Happy dictating!

  • AJF

    It’s clear someone is loved by their cat! Welcome to slicing and to SOL 2013. I can’t wait to read your story now that you are a cat with not only 9 lives but a story to be shared!

    • My dearest AJF. Thank you for saying hello. I lost one of my lives in a fight with a dog. Did you see my ear? All the best.
      Love Pooh

  • writesnowydaywrite

    Hi Pooh,
    I am Snowy Day and my senior staff member is Kim of writekimwrite. She read me your story and I had to respond. Really Pooh, you cried? Who do you think you are, a dog? I will give you some advice. Never cry again. Get Mrs. Hodges attention, move up real close and then walk away. Refuse to associate with her until
    she begs you to come near. She HAS to be properly trained. Yours, Snowy Day

    • Oh Snowy Day, what a great idea. I often turn my back to her when she is at her computer ignoring me. Today I put my paw on her hand and pleaded. I won’t do it again though. Thank you for the advice. Will you send me your picture. I would like a pen pal.

      Love Pooh
      P.S. Are you a girl?

  • Diane Andeson

    Pooh, you seem pretty irresistable. I am sure Mrs. Hodges will attend to your pleas if you are patient with her. I live with a cat who cries soemtimes, too… usually for more food, which she definitely does not need. Perhaps I should try to interest her in writing to take her mind off food.

    • My dearest Diane, you are so right. Mrs. Hodges has agreed to type my stories for me every day in Marc. Perhaps your cat needs to be brushed. She may stop crying then.

  • Hi Pooh,
    We missed you.

    • Oh, hello Edelweiss. I missed you too.


  • Ha! A very cute slice from a very cute kitty. Perhaps you just need to be more patient with her Pooh!

    • Hello Katie. Thank you very much. I think you are cute too. I will be more patient with her. She does clean my litter boxes.

  • Pooh, there is a staff member in our house who will not do their job, it is Tink. She will not be potty trained. May I please hire you as a consultant? I may only be able to pay you in catnip.

    • Oh my, Pooh. Tink is not a cat, Tink is a dog. I know that you manage dogs as well as cats. She is a puppy.

      • Oh, dear. I forgot to comment on my page.
        Well, Tink is a puppy. That changes everything.
        Now, it makes sense. Cats are smarter and easier to train then dogs.

        Dogs have to pee all the time.
        After they eat, after they sleep, after they play.
        Take them outside all the time.
        Wear running shoes, and follow your dog everywhere. Actually you need to have your dog on a six foot lead tied to your belt. She can’t sneak off and poop if she is following you everywhere.
        Do not put pads in the house, or give her diapers.
        Stick her in a crate when you leave the house.

        She is not the boss, you are. ( Or the cat is, if you have one)