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Teach your cat to read

I am teaching the kittens how to read. It is not very hard. English is an easy language to learn. Especially if you use the Dr. Seuss books.

stencil (9)

It is very sad that Pat sat on the cat. Pat needs to pay more attention. Pat owns a black chair and a black cat. How silly. The cat was not very happy with Pat. I wouldn’t be either.

Jr, one of the cats I live with is black and he gets sat on alot. The humans who live here need to pay more attention to where they sit. I am orange, so nobody sits on me.

Oscar is a good student, however, sometimes he gets distracted and wants to lay down. I don’t mind. It is very important for a teacher to be patient with their students.

stencil.default (7)

When our reading lesson was over Oscar thought it would be funny if he sat on Pat. Pat sat on a cat, a hat, and a bat. He almost sat on a cactus but his friend warned him to not sit on that. Then Oscar sat on Pat.

stencil (10)

Would you like me to help you teach your cats to read? I am going to develop a lesson plan for cats who are just learning to read.
Cats need to be able to read. There are so many dangerous things cats could eat, we need to be able to read labels. And there are so many wonderful books to read too.

Maybe I should teach humans how to read? I am not sure they know how. Mrs. Hodges spends hours and hours watching Criminal Minds on television. What a waste. She could be reading.

All my best,
Love Harper

Would you like to teach your cats how to read? Or do they already know how to read? Please click here to comment.

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  • La McCoy

    We love reading. I am very happy you are teaching the kittens to read.

  • I’ve tried to teach my cat Milo to read but he just likes to sleep or lay on top of his books instead of reading them.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Beth Anne,
      So nice to hear from you. You are very kind to teach Milo to read. Before you know it Milo will be reading to you. It just takes us longer to learn because we like to nap.
      Love Harper

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Harper, Boy you’ve been busy, the last posting about introducing cats was very good, and now you’re teaching them how to read, Sabre is a black cat, and she has to be careful not to get stepped on by the big guy, especially at night. The big guy does a lot of reading, either with books or on the kindle, everyday he will sit out on the patio with us and read after he gets home from work, He reads lots of books that are dictated by cats to their humans to write, and books about how to take better care of us. We have a lot of books to chose from here, getting them down and flipping the pages is easy, but putting them back is very difficult. We are so glad that your doing well with your new furrends. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

    Have a Pawsome week,

    Skittles & Friends

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Skittles,
      Please give my best to the big guy. That is very kind of him to read to you. He will know which books you have been reading because they will be all over the floor when he wakes up. I can’t get the books back on the shelf either.
      Maybe Sabre needs to wear a glow in the dark scarf? Or maybe big guy has to wear a hat with a flashlight on it?
      I hope you have a Pawsome week too.
      Love Harper

  • Marie

    That’s very sweet of you Harper to teach Oscar how to read, that is a very useful skill for a kitten to have so they are not fooled by some books that are not as fun as they seem — To Kill a Mockingbird was a huge disappointment I must say! We love to read, especially with our humans, who read a lot. We can read mysteries and history with mom, science fiction with dad, comics and funny books with the boy and young adult books with the girl. The Hunger Games was pretty good because there was a cat in it! Mom reads a mystery series that has a cat that helps solve murders! The boy reads these books with pictures that have a cat called Neko that are fun. Dad needs to find more books with cats!! We also like to read magazines like Catster with Mom. Joel Gray likes books about airplanes and helicopters and food too. MacKayla the Empress likes books about queens and empresses (of course). Giblet Paws likes books that are funny and have happy endings. And Mittens the Magnificent likes books about France and mountain climbing (her brother is a great adventurer). Keep reading Oscar!

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Marie,
      I am so happy to hear from you. Oh, all the books you are reading sounds wonderful. Please tell me the name of the cat who solves murders. That sounds so exciting! I want to write cat thriller books myself. I have watched so many “Criminal Mind” show with Mrs. Hodges, I know I could write a good murder mystery.
      Please give my best to Joel Gray, MacKayla the Empress, Giblet Paws, and Mittens The Magnificent.
      Love Harper

      • Marie

        Hi Harper! There are a couple cats who solve mysteries — we really like Mrs. Murphy (Rita Mae Brown) and also the Joel Gray mysteries (blanking on author). We used to read the Cat Who mysteries a long time ago. There are a couple new cozy mysteries that have come out that we want to read also but haven’t had time yet. Hugs to you all!!!