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There is a new kitten in the bathroom and her name is …

Mrs. Hodges brought home a kitten.  She is living in the upstairs bathroom right now. Hopefully she will be out soon, I would like to meet her.

The day we met Harper at the Humane Society of Berks County, Pennsylvania

The day Mrs. Hodges met Harper at the Humane Society of Berks County, Pennsylvania

I am a rather large animal and the kitten is small, but I promised Mrs. Hodges I will be gentle when I do get to meet the kitten.

Mrs. Hodges doesn’t know this, but late at night when everyone is asleep I lay outside of the bathroom door and talk to the kitten.

“Little Kitty, Mrs. Hodges thinks you want to be a writer.”

“I do. I do want to be a writer. I told Mrs. Hodges I had lots of stories to tell her about living in the barn with my brother.”

“She wants to name you Harper Lee after the writer Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird.”

“Was Harper Lee a cat like me? Did she eat the mockingbird?”

“No, she was a person, and she didn’t eat the bird. She only wrote one book. Well two. They just found an old manuscript of hers and are publishing it this year.”

“If she names me Harper, does that mean I can only write one book?”

“No, you can write more than one book. You can write one hundred books if you want to.”

“I will Martha. I will write one hundred books. What do you think is a good name for me Martha?”

“I am not sure. Harper is a nice name. We could name you Steve after Steven Pressfield. He is Mrs. Hodges favorite author. He wrote a whole bunch of books too. But you are a girl, so Steve might not be a good name for you.”

The kitten has a cold

We already have three cats in the house, and Mrs. Hodges is keeping the kitten in the bathroom until they get use to her smell. And, the kitten has a cold, so she has to be isolated. Mrs. Hodges doesn’t want the other cats to get sick.

I wish Pooh was here to meet the kitten, and teach her how to read. I guess I will have to teach her now. The first word I will teach her how to read will be dog. d-o-g. And then cat, c-a-t.

I don’t care what they call her. I just want her to be my friend.

About Martha Hodges

Martha, a dog, was Pooh Hodges’ bodyguard.
Martha will be writing on the blog. Yes, a dog on a cats blog, until Mrs. Hodges finds another kitten who wants to be a writer.

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  • Do the other cats not know how to write or read? What are their names? I like Harper she is very cute. My sister had an orange cat named Baby a few years ago she was very cute as well. I love orange cats they have big personalities.

    I miss Pooh and this blog too 🙂

    • Martha Hodges

      Hello Beth Anne,
      The other cats are learning how to read. Their names are Charlie, Nepeta, and JR. I love the name of your sister’s cat. Mrs. Hodges really wanted to call Harper, Baby, but Harper was already use to her name.
      Thank you for telling me you miss Pooh.
      It is so sad when a friend dies. You wonder if anyone remembers them.
      Hugs to you Beth Anne
      Love Martha

  • La McCoy

    Hi Martha, I have been so worried about you, Charlie and the baby. I will tell Mom to remember her name now. Harper is a good name. When will she get out of quarantine and you can get a good sniff if her? How are the twins. How are you feeling? I am glad to hear you are going up the stairs again. I hear the twins are fine. How is Annie?
    It has been very busy here with the the neighbors, rain and company. IT all smells great. I have been helping mom on a new project.
    I am so glad to hear from you Martha. My best to all.
    Edelweiss, Puppy and Kitten Advocate.

    • Martha Hodges

      Hello my faithful friend Edelweiss,
      Yes, I can get up and down the stairs now. Sometimes it is hard, but I still walk up the stairs at night and sleep beside Mrs. Hodges. She doesn’t mind when I snore.
      Annie gets out of quarantine next Friday. She has to be isolated for seven days.
      Annie is doing well, as are the twins and Charlie.
      Thank you for asking.
      What new project does your mom have? Is she building you a play house?
      Hope all is well with you and your family,
      Love Martha

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello we are all very happy to hear from you, me and the rest of the staff have been hoping that you and your family are doing well, So I called a staff meeting and have a few names for you to consider,
    How about Mischief, I’m sure that having lived in a barn with her brother they got into a lot trouble.
    Or how about Little-bit, The big guy keeps saying that we are always getting into a little bit of everything, but then again that’s our job.
    Or you could call her Amber, with her golden colors she does look like the amber waves of grain.
    Another name is Ambrose, one of the big guy favorite authors was Stephen Ambrose.
    I’m so glad that you have a new friend and I’m sure that between you and the other cats teaching and guiding her that she will become a great writer, I know that Pooh is looking down from heaven and smiling and purring away.

    Take Care, Love

    • Martha Hodges

      My dear Skittles Anderson,
      You have a very unique name yourself. And I do love the suggestions you gave. Amber really does suit her coloring, but somehow Harper seems to have stuck.
      Maybe it is the double H’s. Harper Hodges?
      Yes, Pooh is looking down and smiling. He knows how much we loved him and how much we miss him.

      You take care too Skittle’s
      Love Martha

  • Kathy

    Harper is a great name if this kitty intends to be a literary success. I’m sure it would be an honor for her to have this name, although if you shorten the name to “Harp” it would be not such a good name. My kitties, Oscar and Angela are happy there is a new kitty and hope to lend their support to her writing skills. I’m sure Harper will be schooled by the wonderful cats already awaiting her unveiling. Martha will be overjoyed to see Harper in person rather than talking through a door! Hope Harper gets over her cold.

    • Martha Hodges

      Hello Kathy,
      And hello to Oscar and Angela, two very wonderful names. They must be wonderful company for you. Please tell them how much we appreciate their support for Harper to be a writer.
      I will be sure to let you know when she can come out to play. I am very anxious to meet her.
      Thank you for your concern about her cold.
      All my best,
      Love Martha

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Welcome “Harper”, although I like the name “Sniffles” & it seems fitting as you do have a cold!!! Rosey Nana.

    • Martha Hodges

      Hello Nana,
      Sniffles is a cute name. Hopefully she will get over her cold, and she can come out and play.
      Sending you much love Rosey Nana,
      Love Martha

    • Berdeane Bodley

      How is Harper’s cold today?? I can see where “Sniffles” is not a good choice for a literary personality, I am sure she/he will do well no matter what the name. xo & much love Martha from Nana

  • Marie

    The furballs all send greetings to the new kitten (who is just adorable by the way!) and we all like Harper and Scout for name. The furballs asked to pass on some advice:

    MacKayla the Empress — Greetings little one. Learn your letters well and write often. Someday you may be an Empress like myself, in the meantime we will always be here for advice should you need it.

    William the Orange — I think I was that small once, anyway, welcome kitten. Enjoy yourself, you have found a great home with Ms Hodges and Martha. When you are old enough you can come for a visit and we’ll take my convertible out for drive — much more exciting then that boring limo and driver MacKayla insists upon because she’s an Empress (snort) Got to run, she glaring at me!

    Joel Gray — Hello. I am known to be very quiet but honestly it’s a great way to learn things and I make a great spy. I even have a secretly amazing helicopter (limos and convertibles – how obvious — a spy should never be obvious). Would you like to be a spy someday? If so I can teach you. It’s very useful for getting more treats too! Purr.

    Giblet the Paws — I’m still young and I like to play games and run around really fast. Would you like to play with me when you get bigger? I’m not an empress, or think I’m cool and I’m not a spy. I’m just cause lots of mischief — I knocked over the Christmas tree last year! It was soooo cool!!!! Head butts to my new kitten friend!!

    • Martha Hodges

      Hello Marie,
      Thank you so much for saying she is adorable. I will be sure to tell her. And after she wakes up from her afternoon cat nap I will read her all the comments from the cats. MacKayla the Empress, William the Orange, Joel Gray and Giblet the Paws, thank you so much for being so kind to Harper.
      She will be delighted to get advice from MacKayla, ride in Williams convertible, learn how to be a spy with Joel, and learn how to knock over a Christmas Tree from Giblet.
      Mind you, I could help her knock over the tree.
      All my best,
      Love Martha

  • DA Schuhow

    Oh my gosh, so cute!!!!

    • Martha Hodges

      Good Morning DA Schuhow,
      I am delighted you think the kitten is cute. I have only seen a photograph of her. As soon as I meet her I promise to share more photographs.
      Love Martha

  • Marina Sofia

    That’s a very cute kitten – and I’m glad Martha is doing her best to make her feel at home. Harper is a good name, and why not Scout, in keeping with the theme? Also, I ca’t help but think that Pooh would have taught the kitten how to read and write in no time – starting with C-A-T

    • Martha Hodges

      Good Morning Marina Sofia,
      Yes, I am trying to make her feel at home. As much as I can through the bathroom door. She should be able to come out soon.
      Scout is a good name too. I will ask the kitten tonight what she thinks.
      In honor of Pooh, her first word will be C-A-T, and not D-O-G.
      Love Martha