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Throw away the tinsel, it could kill your cat

My staff brought up the Christmas ornaments from the basement today. When they opened the box I was horrified to see tinsel in the container.  I thought the tinsel was thrown away last year,  when my staff took the ornaments off of the tree.

At the staff meeting this morning I will tell Mrs. Hodges to clean out the ornament box. She had wanted to make gingerbread cookies after breakfast. Cookies can wait.

We must protect  my Vice-President Charlie, and the Twins, Nepeta and J.R.  They are young kittens and playful. They may swallow the tinsel. Tinsel could get tangled in their intestines and cause an obstruction. I can’t bear the thought of my dear kittens having to spend Christmas in the hospital.


I am a mature cat; I know it’s not safe to eat tinsel.

I would rather eat mice.


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