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Water tastes better in a tea-cup

I live in a house with four people, two dogs and three cats, not including me. I am a cat. I like to drink my water from a tea-cup. Water tastes better in a tea-cup. It really does.


Mrs. Hodges, my typist, has a large bowl she fills with water. She puts it on the floor and the two dogs, the three other cats and I share this water bowl. I don’t mind drinking from the communal water bowl. However, after the two dogs have taken a drink, I don’t like to drink the water. They drool a little, and I find it unpleasant.

I prefer to drink from a tea-cup

Charlie prefers to drink his water from his a glass on the dining room table. The humans who we live with like to leave water glasses for us on the table. We wait our turn to drink from them. The humans will have a sip or two from the water-glass and then leave the room. While they are gone from the room, the cats are allowed to drink from the glass on the table.

We just have to stop drinking from the water-glass before the human returns. We don’t want to humans to know we have been drinking from the water-glass.

The Human and Cat Water Glass Game

The cat loses the game if the human finds the cat drinking from the water-glass. If the cat gets caught, the human throws the water away. It is a fun game. I have only lost once.

As always I love to hear from you.

Love Harper

Do you like to drink water from a tea-cup or from a bowl on the floor? Please click here to comment. 

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  • Susan K. Stewart

    Good Morning, Harper. Only running water from a faucet for me. Not one of those silly water dishes that pumps stale water around and around …. it must be the faucet. Sometimes I want to have some variety, so after I finish up at the kitchen faucet, I head to the bathroom faucet. My brother Bennie will drink any old water … even stuff the dogs have slobber in. He is so uncouth. Boots.

  • La McCoy

    HI Harper,
    I like water from the big bowl in the other room.

  • Berdeane Bodley

    No dear harper, I drink only distilled water & that has to be from glass tumbler. I guess we all have our “buckles”. xo your grand Nana.

  • LilianGardner

    Hello Harper, my dear friend.
    I don’t drink milk but I drink water from a coloured ice-cream bowl, because if the bowl is transparent, Lilian discovered that I can’t see it. There’s a shallow depression in the cemented terrace in our backyard, and when it fills with rain water, I sip it. Ah! It’s my best drink ever. Chubby is still trying to get pally with me, and he copies me when I drink rain water.
    Do you like raw meat?
    Love and licks,

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Minnie,
      Oh dear, now I know what to tell Mrs. Hodges, she has been putting clear bowls of water down and she doesn’t know why we aren’t drinking it. I will tell her what you said.
      I have never tried raw meat, but I love butter. Last week I knocked the butter dish on the floor. But now Mrs. Hodges put a heavy colander on top of the butter dish. Do you have any ideas about how to get it off?
      Give my love to Lilian
      Love Harper,

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Harper, We are very lucky, we have three water fountains throughout the house, the big guy fills them up every morning, and with six of us that works out good. now when he has cereal and milk then we all crowd around him, he has learned that you can’t turn away from the bowl even for a second, before one of us are trying out his cereal. I love the milk but Sierra she loves to scoop out the cereal and eat it. I did try out some of his hot tea one day, but I didn’t like it.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Skittles,
      I was getting worried about you. I am so happy to see you here. Mrs. Hodges forgot to check my messages, so sorry we are a bit late in replying. I need to have a performance review with her.
      Of a water fountain! What a great idea. Do you have a photograph of what they look like? Mrs. Hodges needs to get us more places to drink.
      Maybe Sierra is doing a quality control check of the cereal. Taking out the bad ones.
      Big Guy is so fortunate to have six cats doing food quality control. I like to help Mrs. Hodges, but she puts a colander on top of her plate if she has to leave the table.
      Ohh, did the hot tea hurt?
      All my best,

      • Skittles Anderson

        Hello Harper,
        Sorry that I’ve been away for so long, but things have been busy here, Captiva, Sanibel & Sabre had trips to vet for annual check ups, they are all doing well, plus there has been company from Tennessee staying at the big guys brothers house, so they have been over, and the big guy was busy doing his taxes, I keep telling him that he is going to get in trouble with IRS, he keeps putting his name down as the head of the household, and not mine, I tried to correct it by walking across the laptop keyboard, but not having thumbs It didn;t work out very well. I have asked to big guy to take some pictures of our water fountains to send you in an e-mail soon.
        And yes the hot tea burned my tongue, I kept shaking my head, and pawing at my mouth, plus it did not taste very good either.

        Your Friend,


  • Marie

    Hi Harper! Does it count if it isn’t a tea cup? You see, our Dad likes to drink his soda in a big cup full of ice. When he runs out of the soda then there is just a big cup of melting ice sitting there on the little table where he sits. And I love, love, love to stick my head in there and lick the melty ice. I can get my whole head in there if I make my ears really flat and that melty ice is so very good. Dad doesn’t seem to mind much although he does tend to get new ice when he gets more soda.

    Oh, and all of us cats like to drink from the sink in the bathroom. Do you like doing that?

    All best,
    Giblet Paws

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Giblet Paws,
      Oh, melting ice, what a great idea. I would love to see a photograph of you with your head in a big cup of melting ice. You are very talented to fold back your ears to fit in your head.
      You Dad is very kind to share his ice cubes.
      I haven’t tried the sink in the bathroom, I will ask Mrs. Hodges to fill it today. We do like to drink water from the large bowl on the floor, but the lid is often closed.
      Love Harper

  • Berdeane Bodley

    Well, as for me, I can only drink water from a glass. This is your “Nana” writing Harper.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Nana,
      Would you like me to send you a tea-cup for your birthday? Maybe your water will taste better.
      Love your Grandcat, Harper