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We have hired a new bodyguard, a small puppy

Pooh Hodges meets  the new bodyguard

Yesterday, my typist, Mrs. Hodges bought a small black puppy. My bodyguard Martha had requested assistance. She wanted to train another dog herself. Martha wanted a young dog to train rather than an older dog.

Hiring an older dog does have its advantages. Older dogs are already potty trained and they do not whine for their mothers all night.

Mrs. Hodges slept in the kennel last night with the puppy. She wrote about it on her blog. I slept in a dog kennel last night. She was very tired today. I waited for her this afternoon in her room and took a nap with her.

Taking a nap

The puppy has had several names today. Peggy, Penny, Maggie, then back to Peggy, then Penny again, Lucy and now it is Penny.

What would you name the puppy? 

Her training is going well. She only peed in the kitchen once today. She peed on the carpet four times yesterday, so we do see improvement.

A cat needs to have bodyguards. There are wild animals in the backyard, a fox and a groundhog. And as more people read my stories I feel the need for bodyguards. I love to sign autographs, I just don’t want anyone to step on me. I already have one bent ear.

Do you have a bodyguard? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat with you.

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  • Amindele

    Oh, I think Lucy is a good name! Give my beat regards to the puppy. And Martha.

  • La McCoy

    Dear Mr. W. Pooh.
    When my brother brought my new grand pup, Baby J. to visit the house was wild and crazy. And did I mention loud. It is very hard to keep proper German Sheppard order when the household is so unruly. I do hope you and Mrs. Hodges get to take plenty of naps.
    I cannot imagine sharing my dad with a new puppy. Mom says she won’t bring one home with me. So we will see. Is it a promise she can keep?
    Love you all,

    • My dearest Edelweiss,
      I was very hesitant to get another dog, especially a puppy. But Martha seems to enjoy the company. And she is not shy to growl when the puppy tries to eat her ear.
      Perhaps a puppy would get Mr. and Mrs. McCoy to take you for more walks.
      And Edelweiss you are never to old to learn how to share. Think of it this way. If you don’t have a puppy to train how will you pass on all your wisdom to the younger generation?
      Love to you and all of your family.
      Love Pooh

  • dogtrax

    Dear Cat
    Just be glad your person didn’t bring home an elephant. Or a giraffe. Or even a porcupine. The dog will be fine. Give it time.

    • My dear Dogtrax,
      You look a lot like a person.
      And you are so wise. I am delighted they did not bring home elephant, a giraffe or a porcupine.
      The dog is sleeping now. The best time of the day.

  • Chris H.

    My two pit bulls have our family if 4 as their bodyguards. We even protect them while they sleep by letting them sleep in our beds. Yesterday was our Lilly’s 4th anniversary of her rescue adoption. She is still happy to be here, lighting our lives with joy. Our Sophie had a rough start in a bad neighborhood, but she has overcome all of that and now thrives on hugs and kisses.

    • Hello Chris,
      Lily and Sophie are so fortunate to have your family of four to protect them. And you even get to sleep in a bed with them. How fortunate as you would need a big kennel to fit two dogs and two adults.
      Please give my best to your sweet dogs. I was a rescue cat so I understand the trauma of a rough start in life.
      Hugs and kisses to you and your puppies.
      Love Pooh

  • Kathleen Gillis

    Congratulations! I have always wanted to name a dog Mr. Jingles. My family would not allow me to use this name for our male dog. I think I would choose either Gertie or Madge for a female dog but Ruby and Olive are also nice. Best wishes for all of you!

    • My dearest Kathleen,
      Thank you so much. Mr. Jingles for a dogs name sounds so fun. Perhaps we could name our puppy, Miss Jingles.
      I will suggest your girl names to my youngest staff member who gets to pick the dogs name.
      Best wishes to you and your dog. Would you please tell me what you did name the dog? I am very curious.
      All the best,
      love Pooh

      • Kathleen Gillis

        So sorry for the oversight. Our dog is Oscar and our kitty is Chiclet.

        • Oh Kathleen,
          You are so kind to tell me the names of the animals who live with you. Please give my regards to Oscar and Chiclet.
          Love Pooh

  • writekimwrite

    Pooh! I am glad your needs for a bodyguard are being taken seriously! I wonder when the black puppy will be ready to to take such an important job. What name do you think the puppy should have?

    • My dearest Kim,

      The puppy will be hopefully ready to take on the job tomorrow. However I realize it will take months for her to be potty-trained. The house is a little crazy now. The kitchen if all blocked off and the puppy likes to chew on everything.
      I think her name should be Zenobia. She governed Syria from about 250 to 275 AD.
      But, her name will be decided by the youngest staff member, as it is her responsibility to train the dog.
      All the best,