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Wow, they finally let me out of the bathroom, and I met Martha, the dog.

I have been locked in the bathroom for over two weeks. Oh, I forgot to say hello. Hi, I am Harper. Harper Hodges. Well, really I am a kitten, not a Harper. Oh, and I met Martha. Martha, the dog.

harper meets martha

Mrs. Hodges, my typist said I was named after Harper Lee, a human who wrote one book about killing a Mockingbird. And, she just published another one. Something about setting a watchman. What did she tell him?

If I killed a bird I would eat it. But, I don’t want to kill a Mockingbird. And I am not sure what a bird would taste like. But, Charlie told me they taste good. Charlie also told me he likes to sneak outside when Mrs. Hodges opens the front door. I don’t want to sneak outside. I like it in the house. The sky looks too big. I like it in here. And Charlie told me what he does when he goes outside, but he asked me not to tell Mrs. Hodges.

“Harper, what did Charlie say? Where does he go when he sneaks outside?”

“Oh, Mrs. Hodges. Please don’t ask. You are so nice to type my stories for me. I can’t type, and I don’t know how to read yet, but I can tell you what I want to say, and then you write it for me. If you want to know what Charlie does, please ask him yourself.”

“Okay Harper, I will ask Charlie myself. Now, please let me ask you something Harper. Were you excited to get out of the bathroom?”

“Yes, I was! And, I was so excited to meet Martha. Martha is the big brown dog who lives here. The dog who has been sitting outside the bathroom door talking to me. Martha is big. Charlie told me she use to be Pooh Hodges, bodyguard. I wish I could have met Pooh. Sigh.


I really didn’t realize Martha was such a big dog. Like, really, really big. Like, BIG.

I knew Martha by her voice from when she talked to me when I was locked up in the bathroom.  So, when I met her, I had to remember she was kind, because her size scared me.

Do you ever get scared by what someone looks like? I have to think that they are nice inside and then I am not as scared.

Will you please say hello to me, so I can meet you? And maybe share a photograph so I know what you look like? I won’t be scared if you are bigger than me.

Mrs. Hodges said it is good to ask a question to get to know people, or cats, better. I want to know what kind of cat food you eat? I like Purina, the soft stuff in the can. And then we get hard cat food too. Mrs. Hodges threw the bag away, so she forgets what brand it was. Something with no wheat in it. I wonder if there were mice in it. Charlie said mice taste good.

If you are a person, do you eat cat food too?  Out of a bag? Or do you eat out of a fridge? A fridge is this big, big, big, cold box with a door, that has some sort of food in it. Green stuff and while stuff in a bottle, they call it milk.

I am getting a little tired. I keep knocking Mrs. Hodges Lego Mini-figures off of her table. It is a lot of work to knock them off, and then jump down. Then I jump up on Mrs. Hodges lap with my claws and pull myself up. Sometimes she yells when I do that, I am not sure why.

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Love Harper


About Harper Hodges

Hi, it’s me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types.

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  • Hi Harper! My cat Milo is orange just like you..but he is very old…he is 10 years old (that is 70 in cat years). He likes to knock things off my desk as well.

    I’m glad they finally let you out of the bathroom so you can write. Milo’s favorite cat food is Deli Cat dry food. It is very hard to find you can only get it at BJs/Costcos wholesale clubs or online on He also enjoys Whiska’s wet food….but will eat just about any kind of wet food.

  • Oh, Harper, you sound so sweet! It must be exciting and scary exploring the new world around you, but I’m sure that your new and open perspective will give you a lot to write about and tell us in turn. I don’t know anything about eating cat food, but I have cat sat before (to clarify, not sitting on cats but just babysitting one) and you do not get to sleep in on Saturdays. Apparently feeding the cat always takes highest priority. I look forward to learning more about your adventures, Harper!

  • Skittles Anderson

    Hello Harper,

    My name is Skittles, and I’m the CEO of household affairs at my house, I have five other cats who are part of my staff, and together we help make sure that everything runs smoothly, and we take care of the “big guy” he is the human who we let live here, he pays the mortgage, the bills, empties the litter boxes, and makes sure that the panty is full of cat food and treats. We were all good friends with Pooh, and we are glad to meet you, and look forward to a long friendship with you.and hearing about your adventures.
    as far as food goes we get Purina beyond dry cat food, and a variety of wet cat foods as well. We get served the meals twice a day, and then right before he goes to bed we get a few treats for desert.

    Have a great week,
    your new friends,
    Skittles, Sierra, Sabre, Captiva, Lone Wolf, and Sanibel

  • Kathy

    Harper, you sound like a very nice kitty. I’m a large Tuxedo cat who lives with my friendly owners and like you I prefer to stay inside. My typist is Kathy who seems to enjoy sitting at the computer for long periods of time. She told me she is writing a book and it takes a lot of time to make sure her words have meaning. I talk a bit to her and guess that got me to interject some of my thoughts on this site, but not in her book. Hope you continue to bring your insights to others about the way cats think and how to live life in a way that keeps everyone happy. I’m sorry about the loss of Pooh. I wrote to him and he seemed to be such a gentleman. Talk to you again.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Large Tuxedo Cat,
      Your typist Kathy forgot to tell me your name. She must have been distracted writing her book. Mrs. Hodges is writing a book too, but really, she just keeps checking something she calls Facebook. Isn’t that silly. A face-book. A book of faces. hahaha
      Thank you for your kind words about Pooh. Charlie said he would have been mine friend.
      Sorry to hear about your health issues. Oh dear, the other kitty gets different food? That must be hard, especially since Angela is not friendly. At least she is nice to Kathy.
      Maybe she just doesn’t like to share her litter box with you.
      Do you want to know a trick? Get Kathy to wipe Angela’s face with a rag, then to wipe the same rag on your face. Then when Angela sniff’s you, you will smell like Angela. Mrs. Hodges had to do that with me and Charlie. Charlie didn’t like me at first. Now he does. I will write about that on another day. But I wanted to tell you here.
      Sending you hugs.
      Love Harper

  • Just an added note I dont do cat food but enjoy canned tuna. Trying to share a picture of me Ahhh here I am.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello again Debra,
      Is that your photograph? You look like a dog? Are you a dog or a person? I like dogs too. Canned tuna sounds delicious. Mrs. Hodges likes to eat canned tuna as well. I hope you have a fun day.
      Love Harper

  • Hey Harper, nice to finally meet you. I didn’t know pooh long but from what I read you have found a wonderful family.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Debra Johnson,
      I am delighted to meet you. Charlie tells me I picked a good home to live in. He was Pooh’s best friend and business partner.
      Love Harper

      • Hehe, Debra Johnson is my owner. She has a picture too if you want to see. My name is Max

  • DA Schuhow


    • Harper Hodges

      Good Morning DA Schuhow,
      Why thank you. You are cute too. Maybe I need to get a hat.
      I hope you have a sunbeam today to take a nap in.
      All my best,
      Love Harper

  • Marina Sofia

    Hello, Harper. My name is Zoe and I am 3. I am a French cat, but I’ve had to learn to speak English as well, since everyone else in the house does. I like to eat only soft pate – with no bits. I also eat dry food, but only Royal Canin for Fussy Eaters. I don’t think I’m fussy at all, but I do demand a certain standard…
    Nice meeting you at last. I was very fond of Pooh and I hope we’ll become good friends too.

    • Harper Hodges

      Hello Zoe,
      I am delighted to meet you. Marina is very kind to type for you. Cats are good at so many things, but we just can’t type. At least we don’t have to clean our litter boxes.
      No, you are not fussy. You are wise and know what you like to eat.
      That is so nice you were friends with Pooh. I wish I could have met him. I would love to be your friend Zoe.
      Love Harper

  • Reine

    Hi Harper. My name is Reine. I am 10 years old. You asked what kind of food I eat. I have to eat low carb food because I am diabetic. Fancy Feast Classic Chicken and Fish and Shrimp are my favorites. I don’t get to have any dry food.

    I hope we can be friends.

    • Harper Hodges

      Good Morning Reine,
      I am delighted to meet you, and I would love to be friends. You must be very wise if you are ten years old. Your food sounds delicious. Have you ever eaten a mouse or a bird? Charlie told me they taste good.
      Love your friend,

      • Reine

        Dearest Harper:
        I have eaten both mouse and bird. Quite tasty. My vet says I am eating paleo style when I do that. Maybe she eats mouse too?