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A cat Who writes about life and being a cat.

A cat writes a letter to Santa

I know how important it is to share. Sharing is good for your character. I share my dry cat food with three kittens and Martha, my bodyguard. Martha, who is a dog, has her own dry food to eat. However, she loves to lick the four plates clean after the cats and I have finished […]

Mrs. Hodges toys come alive in December

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, has some unusual toys. She bought them at Target for $3.00. A lion she named Frank; an elephant named Edward. There is also Margaret, the giraffe, Willow, the cheetah, and Bob the tiger. Her animals come alive  at the stroke of midnight in December. Their last day to be alive is Christmas […]

Cats are not foolish

When I woke up today Mrs. Hodges and I sat by the fireplace at 4:50:53 a.m. and read Chapter 27 in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. The book of Proverbs talks a lot about foolish people and how to be wise. Cats are not foolish. We know when to hold our tongue and […]

Cats need Tribe Writers too

My typist and I, Mrs. Hodges, took an eight week, on-line writing course, Tribe Writers taught by Jeff Goins last year.  All Mrs. Hodges does is talk about Goins. Goins said this. Goins said that. Goins said that writing doesn’t have to be lonely. Goins said I can build a community. Goins said stop waiting […]

Cat naps are good for you

If you want to have your employees work more efficiently, buy yoga mats and have everyone take a  cat nap in the afternoon. A cat nap is short and done sometimes with one eye open. Winston Churchill had a bed at the house of parliament to take a nap in after lunch. My employees prefer […]

Cats,when your staff make mistakes, please forgive them

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, just informed me that she fried the hard-drive on her computer. Her lap-top. She is typing this post now on the desk-top computer, as I dictate to her. “Pooh, please forgive me. The lap-top had the first chapter of your memoir, and I didn’t back it up.” “You didn’t back it […]

The cat thinks she is a person

Nepeta, the youngest girl kitten, thinks she is a person. She likes to eat her food on the table. When Mrs. Hodges feeds us, Nepeta waits on the kitchen table for her dish. I eat on the floor with the other two kittens. Eating at the table doesn’t appeal to me. I would have to […]

If your cat is sick take them to the veterinarian

I have had a dry hacking cough for several days, and yesterday I started to limp. And, at the base of my tail I have a bit of dandruff. Mrs. Hodges, my typist, called our favorite veterinarian at the Runaway Farm Pet Hospital. Dr. Phillips is always so patient and kind with me. This photograph […]

A guest post with Tink the dog. She misses her mother.

Editor’s note: Good Morning dear friends. Today I have the honor to guest post Tinkerbell Caron.  She is small, like a cat. Her friends call her “Tink.” She is writing a deep personal story about missing her mother. A pain I also know. xo Love Pooh, the editor I miss my mother. The memory is […]

Martha, my bodyguard, and I had an early morning meeting

Martha and I like to meet in the early morning to discuss the plans for the day. In the early morning Mrs. Hodges opens the door for me when I politely ask. Martha sits by the front door and wants to come out with me, but she has to wait. If Mrs. Hodges opens the […]