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If your cat is sick take them to the veterinarian

I have had a dry hacking cough for several days, and yesterday I started to limp. And, at the base of my tail I have a bit of dandruff. Mrs. Hodges, my typist, called our favorite veterinarian at the Runaway Farm Pet Hospital. Dr. Phillips is always so patient and kind with me. This photograph […]

A guest post with Tink the dog. She misses her mother.

Editor’s note: Good Morning dear friends. Today I have the honor to guest post Tinkerbell Caron.  She is small, like a cat. Her friends call her “Tink.” She is writing a deep personal story about missing her mother. A pain I also know. xo Love Pooh, the editor I miss my mother. The memory is […]

Martha, my bodyguard, and I had an early morning meeting

Martha and I like to meet in the early morning to discuss the plans for the day. In the early morning Mrs. Hodges opens the door for me when I politely ask. Martha sits by the front door and wants to come out with me, but she has to wait. If Mrs. Hodges opens the […]

A guest post with Marshmellow

 Editor’s note: Good morning dear friends. This is a guest post by my dear friend Marshmellow, The cat who travels. Marshmellow lives on the boat Mojito. Her typist Patricia blogs at Mojioto and me.   A Game of Cat and Mouse – Teaching Kittens New Tricks –Stories from Abroad – as told by Marshmallow, the […]

Will you help me write my book?

  Good Morning my dearest friends, How are you today? I am fine. (My mother told to me I should always start my letters that way. Did your mother tell you the same thing? ) Will  you please help me? I am writing a book and I would you like to be on my insider […]

It is time to Dare Greatly

Brené Brown wrote the book “Daring Greatly;” my senior staff member and I are reading the book right now. I like it when she reads out loud to me. That is what I hired her for. She is a good typist, and she has a nice voice when she reads. I can read. But, I […]