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A cat Who writes about life and being a cat.

Cats,when your staff make mistakes, please forgive them

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, just informed me that she fried the hard-drive on her computer. Her lap-top. She is typing this post now on the desk-top computer, as I dictate to her. “Pooh, please forgive me. The lap-top had the first chapter of your memoir, and I didn’t back it up.” “You didn’t back it […]

The cat thinks she is a person

Nepeta, the youngest girl kitten, thinks she is a person. She likes to eat her food on the table. When Mrs. Hodges feeds us, Nepeta waits on the kitchen table for her dish. I eat on the floor with the other two kittens. Eating at the table doesn’t appeal to me. I would have to […]