The cat Who writes™

A cat Who writes about life and being a cat.

Cats are not foolish

When I woke up today Mrs. Hodges and I sat by the fireplace at 4:50:53 a.m. and read Chapter 27 in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. The book of Proverbs talks a lot about foolish people and how to be wise. Cats are not foolish. We know when to hold our tongue and […]

Cats need Tribe Writers too

My typist and I, Mrs. Hodges, took an eight week, on-line writing course, Tribe Writers taught by Jeff Goins last year.  All Mrs. Hodges does is talk about Goins. Goins said this. Goins said that. Goins said that writing doesn’t have to be lonely. Goins said I can build a community. Goins said stop waiting […]

Cat naps are good for you

If you want to have your employees work more efficiently, buy yoga mats and have everyone take a  cat nap in the afternoon. A cat nap is short and done sometimes with one eye open. Winston Churchill had a bed at the house of parliament to take a nap in after lunch. My employees prefer […]