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Cats and humans should nap and watch football on Sunday afternoon

Today is Sunday and I am not writing today. I know I signed up for the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, but I don’t want to write today. And because I don’t want to write, I won’t.

I want to take a nap. Cats and humans should nap on Sunday afternoon. So I will.

Cats are good at helping

    One of my staff, Piper,  was sewing an outfit. As the cat who manages the Hodges household it is important for me to make sure she was working to the best of her abilities. And she can not do her best work without me to assist her. The best way for a cat to […]

Every cat needs a cardboard box

It is rather obvious what a cat needs to survive. Cats need a lot of the same things humans need. If you are a human you know you need oxygen, food and water to survive.|

But, you may have not realized there is a fourth thing that is necessary for a cat’s survival. A cardboard box.

I like to sit on the keyboard and keep it warm for Mrs. Hodges

Mrs. Hodges types my stories for me in the morning. Often, she has to stop typing for me as I dictate, and take Martha, the dog, outside to go to the bathroom.

While Mrs. Hodges is outside, I make sure her laptop computer is kept warm by sitting on the keyboard.

If only cats had thumbs

It was raining. And I was outside. I was hiding under a bush in the front yard. When I saw Mrs. Hodges car pull into the driveway I came out from under the bush and sat on the welcome mat in front of the door.

I had to wait for Mrs. Hodges to open the front door.

Cats prefer fresh water. Remember to flush.

We have several silver stainless steel water bowls provided for us by our staff. These are placed on the floor in the kitchen. And we also have three large porcelain bowls with lids in three private rooms.

Often the doors to these rooms are closed and we can not access them.

Life is always better after a cat nap

Are you struggling with something in your life? Did someone forget to feed you? Do you have a hairball in your stomach and you are having a hard time coughing it up? Are you depressed because you don’t have thumbs and can’t open the can of Classic Pâté?

I am so sorry that life feels hard now. I really do. Please let me help you.

Would you like a napkin ?

Please Come to our home for dinner. We use cloth napkins. They are stored in the cupboard on the far right side of the kitchen.

Charlie, my assistant, would love to help you choose your napkin.

Cats Like Yoga Too

Exercise is good for you. I know I talk a lot about taking naps. But you need to do more with your life than just take naps. There is more to life than laying in sunbeams. I can’t believe I just said that.

Rest and a good nights sleep are essential for your well-being. But sleeping and eating are not the only essential aspects of a healthy life. Cats need to exercise too.

Ten Reasons Why Cats Prefer Catnip to Coffee

  Why do people drink coffee? I really don’t understand. Why would a person want to drink coffee when they can smell catnip? And ce3333333333333333333333333333333333333333. Did you see that? One of the kittens just walked across the keyboard. “Mrs. Hodges please don’t delete that line of three’s. I have been trying to teach Nepeta, the […]