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Martha the dog, weighing in at 104, has joined Weight Watchers

Martha, my bodyguard, went to the veterinarian with her young assistant, Penny. Penny is the eleven week old puppy I hired to assist Martha in protecting my home from robbers.

Martha thought Penny might be stressed out riding in the back of the van in a kennel, so Martha sat in the kennel too and went in with her to her appointment.

Announcing the first cat drawing by Trinity A. from Portugal!

My good friend Trinity A., who lives in Portugal with her family, likes to draw cats. She read my latest book, CATS are better than DOGS. At the end of the book I ask my readers to draw a picture of a cat and send them to me. Trinity A. drew a picture of me […]

Cats will not chew the legs on your table. Cats really are better than dogs.

In my book, CATS are better than DOGS, I clearly stated in reason number 8 why cats are better:

Dogs chew table legs. Dogs are destructive chewers. My staff had a dog that chewed her Italian leather shoes. I don’t chew shoes, but I do like to shred paper towel rolls.

Today, our puppy,Penny, sat under the kitchen table and started to chew on the wood.

There would be no war if every human had a cat to nap with

A cat has many responsibilities when they are in charge of managing a home. One of their primary responsibilities is to love the  humans they live with and take naps with them. Humans are often insecure and feel unloved. They tend to dwell on their past mistakes and feel insecure. Because humans feel unloved and […]

We have hired a new bodyguard, a small puppy

Yesterday, my typist, Mrs. Hodges bought a small black puppy. My bodyguard Martha had requested assistance. She wanted to train another dog herself. Martha wanted a young dog to train rather than an older dog. Hiring an older dog does have its advantages. Older dogs are already potty trained and they do not whine for […]

Please send me your cat drawings to my new Post Office Box

Hello my dearest friends, I love to encourage people to draw. My typist, Mrs. Hodges, is always running around the house saying, “Why do people say,’I can’t draw?’ They can draw. They can. They can!” I try to tell her  people are easily discouraged. It only takes one person to say, “What is that?” when […]

My new book, “CATS are better than DOGS,” is finished

  Mrs Hodges, my typist, helped me finish my book, CATS are better than DOGS. I am so grateful she is willing to use her thumbs to help me with my writing. If you would like to never, ever, ever worry about missing my stories.  you can sign up  by giving me your e-mail address. […]

How to mange your household like the best Damn Ship in the Navy

As a business owner I always want to read books on better management techniques. Mr. Hodges, who use to be in the United States Navy and is married to my typist,  recommended I read, “It’s Your Ship,” by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. Mr. Hodges leaves the house every day so he can get paid and […]