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31 Days In A Cat’s Life




Good Morning my dearest friends,

I have decided to  do the 31 day blogging challenge, hosted by It will be a challenge, as I have been napping more than I have been writing. And my typist, Mrs. Hodges has been too busy to type for me.

Please tell her to stop moving the furniture.

in a cat's life

I don’t mind when she cleans the seven litter boxes twice a day, but I wish she would quit moving the furniture. I can’t find my favorite catnip toy.

Please join me for the 31 day blogging challenge. You can check in here every day. I will post links to all the stories this month, or you can subscribe to my blog, and I will send you my stories directly to you. I promise to never give away your email address, not even to my typist.

And if you subscribe, I will send you my free e-book. You can even print out the pictures and color them in.

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p.s. I am a real cat. I dictate and Mrs. Hodges types. If you would like to leave me a comment please click here. I would love to meet you.
Love Pooh
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Cat takes Tribe Writer course
Day 11  Mrs. Hodges moved the furniture today. She was not able to type for me.
Day 13 Mrs. Hodges moved the furniture again today. I wish she would stop moving it. Maybe I should fire her.
Day 14 She still hasn’t been able to type for me. I will tie her to the chair and get her to type for me tonight ———
She finally had time to sit down and type for me. Maybe I scared her. After all. Cats make good guard cats. 
Oh dear me! I missed  so many days. Please forgive me.
Love Pooh

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