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31 days of The Cat Who Writes

Well, Mrs. Hodges, my typist, thought it would be a good idea if I participated in the 31 day challenge for the month of October, at 31 Days


Every day I will write about something that happened that day. Perhaps you would like to see all of the seven litter boxes? Or maybe you would want to meet all the cats I live with? There are six of us. Me, Harper, Charlie, Nepeta, JR, and the kittens, Oscar and Clara.

And you might want to meet the dogs, Martha and Annie.

Or maybe you want to know what I do all day? One thing I never do: clean the litter boxes.

I love being a cat.

Would you like to be a cat?

Love Harper

Day 2 I am helping Mrs. Hodges make a cat costume
ay 3 It is hard to open a book when you don’t have any thumbs
ay 4 Sometimes a cat will share the “dog beds”

About Harper

Hi, it's me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types. I am The cat Who writes.™

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This is an animal blog. Written by animals. Humans are only necessary to type for us. We don’t have thumbs.

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