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A cat writes a letter to Santa

Pooh's letter to Santa

I know how important it is to share. Sharing is good for your character.

I share my dry cat food with three kittens and Martha, my bodyguard. Martha, who is a dog, has her own dry food to eat. However, she loves to lick the four plates clean after the cats and I have finished eating.

Mrs. Hodges tells us sharing is caring, yet she runs into the kitchen after we have eaten and chases Martha away from our food. Last night I wanted to go to sleep. Mr. Hodges was kind and shared his pillow with me.

Pooh and Mr. Hodges share a pillow

But eventually I had to leave. He said, “Pooh, it is hard for me to fall asleep when you lay on my pillow.”

Perhaps tomorrow morning when I wake up Santa will have left me my own pillow?

Mrs. Hodges please write this letter to Santa and mail it today.

Dear Santa, May I please have my own pillow?

And would you please bring four catnip toys, one for me and one each of the three kittens.

And would you please bring something for Martha to chew on?

Mrs. Hodges believes in you too. Will you please bring her a small doll?

You  always brought her a doll when she was a little girl living at home with her mommy and daddy. She lives in Pennsylvania now with her husband and three children. It’s the house with dog poop in the side of the yard. Mr. Hodges is supposed to pick it up today. But it will probably still be there tonight when you come.

Oh, and Santa, will you please clean the seven litter boxes tonight? Then when Mrs. Hodges wakes up she doesn’t have to clean them.

I have left you a can of cat food to eat.

I think Mrs. Hodges will leave you a banana muffin she made this morning. They are made with apple juice concentrate and bananas. I wanted you to know there is no sugar in them. You must get so full eating cookies at all the houses you go to.

All the best,

Love Pooh
the cat who writes

Pooh's letter to Santa


pooh's letter to santa

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