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Advice for cats: The best place to rest is on a puzzle

The best place to take a nap in on a puzzle

It was so kind of my staff to put the puzzle on my favorite coffee table. I find it a nice way to relax after I have been writing all morning.

The best place to rest  is on a puzzle.

If your staff is not noticing you when you sit beside them, then lay on top of the puzzle they are working on. Sprawl out and kick a few pieces on the floor. They will be sure to pet your tummy if  you are right in the middle of what they are doing.

You can even help them place a few pieces.

Cat's are good at puzzles

Your staff would rather be petting you then working on a puzzle.

If they would rather work on the puzzle than pet you, they may decide to open the front door and let you out. So either way you win.

You get petted, or you get to use the flower bed as a litter box, and you get to eat grass.

If you have to barf up the grass on the carpet later, don’t worry about it. You don’t have any thumbs so you don’t have to clean it up.

The first place I sat wasn’t comfortable so I moved to the other end of the table. It is important to find just the right spot. If you move some of the pieces don’t worry about it. Your staff can put it back together again.

The best place for a cat to lay down is on a puzzle.

Don’t be concerned if you knock a few pieces on the floor. Your staff shouldn’t mind. Humans make the puzzles, then break them all up and put them back in the box. Then a few weeks later they take the puzzle out and make it again. My staff appears to like making puzzles, so relax and enjoy.

If any humans want to lay on a puzzle, they need to buy a bigger coffee table. Or perhaps make the puzzle on the dining room table.

Personally, a sunbeam is more enjoyable.





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