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Announcing the first cat drawing by Trinity A. from Portugal!

Drawing of a cat by Trinity A.

My good friend Trinity A., who lives in Portugal with her family, likes to draw cats. She read my latest book, CATS are better than DOGS. At the end of the book I ask my readers to draw a picture of a cat and send them to me.

Trinity A. drew a picture of me with a little black mouse. I think I will eat the mouse.

Trinity was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. I want to be a columnist for The New York Times. A reporter asking hard questions exposing crime, espionage, and dietary habits.

1. What did you eat for breakfast Trinity?
This morning I ate a taco because I wasn’t very hungry.

2. Do you like to take naps?
I take naps when I’m tired, but that’s not very often.
And Trinity asked me a question. Perhaps she wants to work for The New York Times too?
I noticed your right ear is always laying down… why doesn’t it poke up like the other one?
My dearest Trinity

My ear was bent from an accident I had in 2006. I had a hematoma, the ear was swollen and was almost an inch thick. I had surgery and it just never went back up again.
“Pooh, your ear didn’t go back up because you refused to wear the cone on your head. You kept scratching your ear.”
“Mrs. Hodges, please don’t interject when I am talking to Trinity.”
“I am sorry Pooh.”
Mrs.Hodges is not sure how I got the hematoma. Maybe it was because Kanga, my German Shepherd bodyguard, liked to drag me around with my head in its mouth. Or maybe I scratched it on a rose-bush when I went outside.
I have learned to live with my disfigurement. I know that humans often judge people and animals by their appearance. I hope that humans would come to love me for who I am and not dismiss me because I have one bent ear.
Hugs and kisses to you Trinity. Thank you for sending me a drawing! I am delighted!
Love Pooh
Please send your cat drawings to me.
I will share them on my blog and I will write you back. 
And please let me know what you had for breakfast and if  you like to take naps. 

Pooh Hodges
P.O. Box 314
Pottstown, PA, 19464

Or you can send your drawings to me as an attachment to my e-mail address. thecatwhowrites at gmail dot com.

Cats love to get mail.

My typist, Mrs. Hodges, is getting better at checking my e-mail every day. She almost missed the message from MTV when they wanted to interview me. But then they changed the concept for their show and didn’t need me to drive to New York City.

Love Pooh-den
(my closest friends call me Pooh-den)

Please tell me in the comments what you ate for breakfast. I am very curious. Do all artists eat the same thing for breakfast?


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