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“As the Cat Turns.” Will The Hodges Get To Adopt Henry The Eighth’s Brother?

Henry the Eighth's brother

Henry the Eighth’s brother waiting to be adopted at the Animal Shelter

Henry the Eighth, a kitten, was lonely. He had just been adopted from the Animal Shelter the night before. His twin brother, was alone at the shelter, waiting to see if the family who had placed a twenty-four hour hold on him would come and claim him.

He wanted to be live with his brother Henry.

He wanted to be adopted by the Hodges.

Both of the kittens had trouble sleeping the first night apart.

Good Morning Faithful Friends,

I wanted to let you know what happened in case you hadn’t read the story yesterday about the adoption of Henry the Eighth, a kitten. Today,  Mrs. Hodges, my typist, has been given permission to tell the “Rest of the story.” She did tell me what happened, but,  a first person account is always more interesting, than me saying, “Then she said, and he said …”

As the Cat Turns. Will The Hodges Get To Adopt Henry The Eighth’s Brother?

by Mrs. Hodges

 Friday night I charged my cell phone. I don’t always remember to charge it, or to carry it with me. If I am home, I leave it in my purse. If someone calls or texts me, it is not crucial I answer it right away. The phone is a tool, not a master of my time.

Saturday morning, the phone was vital to my peace of mind. The woman at the Animal Shelter said she would call me if the family came to pick up Henry the Eighth’s brother. She said she would call us at 3:00 p.m. if they didn’t come. Then we could drive down to get the cat.

But what if we started to drive to the Animal Shelter at 3:00 p.m. and the family who placed the hold on the kitten came at 3:10? It was a thirty minute drive to the shelter. I will have to do what Pooh said, and get there at 2:00 p.m. Pooh is so wise.

I unplugged the charged phone from beside my bed, and carried it with me to the bathroom. It sat beside me when I ate my breakfast and when I washed the dishes. The phone felt like the leech that clung to my leg at Dore Lake in Saskatchewan when I went swimming when I was twelve.

The leech stayed stuck to me all day.

Is the phone fully charged? Is it turned on? Every few minutes I checked my phone to see if it was turned on.

At one in the afternoon we still hadn’t heard from the Animal Shelter. My daughter texted her friends and asked them to pray that we would get to adopt the second kitten.

In the sardine aisle at Costco my phone rang. It was 1:20 in the afternoon. I didn’t want to answer it.

“Did you hear anything yet?” asked my husband.

“Ah, I thought you were the Animal Shelter. Please don’t call again. This is so stressful.”

As Pooh wisely instructed we drove to the Animal Shelter and waited. We arrived a little after two in the afternoon.

What if the people arrive at 3:05 and want the kitten? What if they arrive a few minutes before three? They will see us sitting there, with a sad look on our faces.

I asked my youngest daughter, “Can you cry whenever you want to?”


“If you can’t then, I will try to cry. Maybe if the family sees us crying they won’t adopt Henry the Eighth’s brother.”

The door to the Animal Shelter opened. A family walked in.

Was this the family? Did they arrive on time? Quick Pamela, think of something sad. Start to cry.

“May we see the puppies?”

Yes! It is not them! 

We filled out the paperwork to adopt the kitten. We would be ready to adopt the brother at exactly three o’clock when the twenty hour hold expired. I hoped the family didn’t arrive at 3:05 because I was not going to leave without Henry’s brother. I imaged the aggressive scene of me fighting for the little brothers to stay together.

A few minutes before three a woman walked in the door of the Animal Shelter, she walked up to the counter and said, “May I …

Was this the person who was going to adopt the kitten? Did she want to look at the dogs or the kittens? Was she going to be the home wrecker and take Henry’s brother?

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you what happened.


“Yes Pooh.”

“You have to finish the story today. I will not let you drag out the story for one more day. No more hooks, no more suspense. Tell my friends how this story ends.”

“But, Pooh…”

“Mrs. Hodges, please. I really don’t want to have to look for another typist.”

“Oh Pooh. I am sorry. Please don’t get another typist. Or course. Let me finish the story today.”

A few minutes before three a woman walked in the door of the Animal Shelter, she walked up to the counter and said, “May I …”

“May I please see the puppies?”

Our prayers were answered. We were able to adopt Henry the Eighth’s brother.

His name is Teddy. Short for Teddy Bear or Theodore Roosevelt.

The brothers were reunited later that day.

The end.


Thank you Mrs. Hodges.

Now, will you please go and clean all the litter boxes. All seven of them.


Thank you for reading today. If you would like to comment on the story, please click here. I would love to hear from you.

All my best,

Love Pooh

Henry the Eighth and Theodore Roosevelt

Henry the Eighth and Theodore Roosevelt

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