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Eight reasons why cats are better than dogs

  The house I live in has a dog. Her name is Martha. Martha is a large dog. I tolerate her most days,and truly appreciate her when I vomit on the carpet and she gets blamed. Dogs are a good pet.  However, let’s be realistic, cats are better than dogs. 1. Cats don’t stick their […]

Today I will take Seth Godin’s advice and make a decision

    This morning I read Seth Godin’s blog.  I always read Mr. Godin first thing in the morning. I read it before I take my hourly bath. I  read it before I use the litter box.  I read it before I go outside and hunt mice. Today Mr. Godin, told me my job is […]

I have filled out a requisition form for more kittens.

Charlie, my assistant, has a new job assignment.  Charlie’s job is a lateral move.   He is now Head of Human Relations He was originally hired to help market my mouse hunting business to local housewives.  However I have found the local mouse population has decreased due to construction on our street. The noise of the […]

My staff was given a Memo today: Seven Ways To Keep A Cat Happy

  This morning I met with each of my staff members to give them their performance evaluations for last year.  Overall they did fairly well. They did not get a raise, but I did give them a bonus. I am pleased with my staff.  It is important when you lead a group of people, to […]

I am working on January First, my assistant Charlie has the day off

Charlie my assistant stayed awake until midnight last night. He was determined to see the New Year in. I wisely went to bed early. I needed a good nights sleep so I would be well rested to hunt mice this morning. Charlie was still asleep when I left for work.  I don’t take holidays. There […]

Therapy Thursday: My kitten keeps trying to eat my food

  Dear Pooh Hodges, My kitten keeps jumping up on the table and eating my food. My soup was too hot, so I walked away from the table, to let it cool off. When I came back, the kitten had eaten my soup.  What should I do? Signed, Sally Smith   Dear Sally, I can […]

Therapy Thursday: My litter box is dirty and my staff won’t clean it

  Dear Pooh Hodges, I am a cat. I know you get letters from people, so I wanted to make sure you knew I was a cat. The home where I live has only one litter box. I use it all the time, but my staff don’t clean my litter box every day. I hate […]

Throw away the tinsel, it could kill your cat

My staff brought up the Christmas ornaments from the basement today. When they opened the box I was horrified to see tinsel in the container.  I thought the tinsel was thrown away last year,  when my staff took the ornaments off of the tree. At the staff meeting this morning I will tell Mrs. Hodges to […]

Five ways to help an older cat adjust to a new kitten

    Good Morning Dear Friends. Today is Therapy Thursday.  Every Thursday I will be answer one letter from my readers. Please send your problems to me on the advice page on my blog. Please give me your snail mail address as well, and I will send you a 8×10 autographed photograph of me, if […]

The kitten has a name

  My youngest staff member has been given the responsibility of naming the kitten. The three youngest staff members could not agree on a name,  so I have decided to get two more kittens.  Each of the youngest staff may name one kitten. Really, why would I want my staff to fight over a name […]