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I am a cat. I write.

Five ways to choose a name for a kitten

My staff can not agree on a name for the kitten we hired as my Vice-President. “Lets call him Bruce.” one staff member suggested. She wants to name the kitten Bruce, after Bruce Springsteen, because we live close to Philadelphia. I wonder if she wants to name the cat by Springsteen’s  full name, Bruce Frederick […]

There is a new kitten in the house, and he doesn’t have a name

  I smelled something odd today. I thought I smelled a cat in the house.  I mean another cat. I don’t have an odor. I bath five or six times a day. My staff and I had talked about getting me a partner at our regular One on One meeting at four o’clock last Monday. […]

My name is Pooh, Pooh Hodges

  My full name is Winnie The Pooh Hodges. I was named after a stuffed bear in a Disney Movie. My friends call me Pooh.  One of my staff bought me a Winnie the Pooh puzzle as a gift. She put it together for me. I appreciate the kind gesture. But. I don’t really like […]