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Cat naps are good for you

Take a cat nap today

I like to sleep with one eye open

If you want to have your employees work more efficiently, buy yoga mats and have everyone take a  cat nap in the afternoon. A cat nap is short and done sometimes with one eye open.

Winston Churchill had a bed at the house of parliament to take a nap in after lunch. My employees prefer to sleep on chairs or in wire baskets, so I have not had to purchase yoga mats for the kittens. My staff take naps in their beds as my office is managed out of my home.

Nature has not intended mankind to work from eight in the morning until midnight without that refreshment of blessed oblivion which, even if it only lasts twenty minutes, is sufficient to renew all the vital forces.
Winston Churchill

You may not be battling an enemy super power like Winston Churchill, perhaps your battle is with the copy machine, or with your children to pick up their toys. Whatever you are facing in your day, a nap after lunch, according to the Mayo Clinic, will give you, renewed energy, help you relax, increase your alertness and improve your memory.

Charlie takes a nap

Charlie takes a nap

Cat naps are good for you. [Would you like to tweet that? tweet tweet] Tweeting seems silly, birds should be eaten not tweeted. But Mrs. Hodges said tweeting will help people find my stories.

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, takes a nap at least once a week. She wakes up at 4:00 every morning with me to help me with my memoir. I dictate and she types. Perhaps Mrs. Hodges needs to take a nap every day, she is often forgetful. Her job description requires her to clean all seven litter boxes twice a day, some days she only does it once, or not at all.

At the next staff meeting I will tell Mrs. Hodges she needs to nap every day. I would prefer to use a clean litter box.

Today is a good day to nap. Are you going to take one?  Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.

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