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How to Be a Cat, the book

Pooh Hodges, rest in peace, wrote How to Be a Cat. Mrs. Hodges, his typist, illustrated his story and turned it into a book.

stencil (18)

The first proof of the book arrived last week. What do you think?

Humans can get very stressed out having to drive to work every day. And often they only have time to shove a doughnut in their face while they are driving.

Becoming a cat will relieve stress.

You can become a cat in only fifteen steps. Pooh entered a “How To” contest on Problogger and was one of the winners. Darren Rowse said that Pamela, Mrs. Hodges, was the writer. However, the writer was Pooh, he dictated his story to her. Pamela was only the typist.

Mrs. Hodges and I are making a life size cat out of a sheet of plywood. She does all of the work and I supervise.

stencil (16)

The book comes out  October 4th on Amazon. Mrs. Hodges is very excited to share Pooh’s story. She really misses Pooh. He always sat with her when she wrote.

I sit with her now. I dictate and she types.

Would you like to be a cat? 

Please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Love Harper

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