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Cats are good at helping



cats are good at helping

One of my staff, Piper,  was sewing an outfit. As the cat who manages the Hodges household it is important for me to make sure she was working to the best of her abilities.

And she can not do her best work without me to assist her.

The best way for a cat to help, is to be right on top of the project. Literally. If your human is writing a book, sit on the keyboard. If they are reading the newspaper, sit right on top of it. If they are painting a picture, sit right at their feet so they have to be careful not to trip over you.

Humans would be totally lost without cats to help them. 

When Piper cut out her pattern I lay on top of the pattern pieces to keep them from blowing away. She had the window open, which is important for air quality, but disastrous for pattern pieces.

When she put the straight pins on the table I batted them on the floor so she could find them later with a magnet.

When she became discouraged I had her lean in for a private consultation to encourage her. Please don’t ask me  what we talked about. I pride myself on being trustworthy and discrete.

Cats are good at helping


I am not sure if she finished her outfit. Perhaps she needs my help.

Do you have a cat to help you with your projects? Please tell me what they help you with. I really want to know. You can click here to comment.

All my best,
Love Pooh

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