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Cats are in charge of the household laundry

Humans have to wear clothes, and then the clothes get dirty. I don’t understand why they don’t just lick themselves. Cats don’t have to wear clothes or take baths in a bathtub. Humans need cats to help them with their laundry.


The lady who types for me needs my help doing laundry. Her name is Mama, that’s what the children who live here call her. She is also called Pamela, Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Tomato. I don’t know why she needs so many names.

I have one name, Harper. Well, I guess two names. Harper Hodges. Or three if you count my middle name. Lee. I have three names and no thumbs.

We might not have thumbs to open doors but we don’t have to wear clothes or do laundry. 

[share-quote]Cats don’t have thumbs, but we don’t have to do laundry. [/share-quote]

What would you rather have? thumbs? or fur?

How to assist a human with laundry.

  1. Inspect the dirty laundry.

There are no cats or dogs in the hamper Mrs. Hodges, you may wash these clothes now.

2. Inspect the dryer. Make sure Nepeta is not hiding in here. Nepeta is a cat. She was named after the proper name for Catnip.


The dryer is all clear now Mrs. Hodges. You may dry the clothes now.


3. Keep the clothes warm until the human puts away the laundry

Now it is time for a nap. Cats work so hard doing laundry. Humans need us.

Do you have a cat to help you with laundry?

If you don’t have a cat to help you with your dirty clothes, I don’t understand how you could possibly do laundry? Maybe you need to adopt a cat from a local shelter. Maybe two cats. Or three?

love Harper,
I do love to hear from you. Really. My typist kept moving the furniture in the house, and she didn’t type for me. But, she seems to have found a place for everything now.

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