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Cats make good guard cats

A cat makes a good guard cat

Dogs can be scary. I realize that. And often people buy dogs to scare away bad guys. Dogs are loud and have big teeth. But. Dogs are not the only animal that can scare away burglars.

Cats have big teeth as well. And cats have sharp claws. Cats make good guard cats.

In this photograph I am sitting in the shade in the front of my house. A quiet cat, hardly noticable. But when the bad guy gets closer, he will notice the one bent ear, and he will hesitate.

As he hesitates, I will pounce. I will pounce like I do on a mouse. The bad guy will try to pull me off of his back, but I will scratch him until he runs away. Then I will jump off and call the police.

I may not have thumbs but I have claws. And. I know how to call 911.


Here I am about to pounce. Are you scared?


Of course I would never scratch you. You are my friend. Please click here if you would like to comment.

All my best,
love Pooh



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