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Cats prefer fresh water. Remember to flush.

Cats prefer fresh water.


We have several silver stainless steel water bowls provided for us by our staff. These are placed on the floor in the kitchen. And we also have three large porcelain bowls with lids in three private rooms.

Often the doors to these rooms are closed and we can not access them.

Mrs. Hodges has been instructed to wash the stainless steel water bowls and change the water three times a day. Often the bowls are empty and we have to sit patiently by the bowl until she notices. If she doesn’t notice us, we ask our bodyguard, Martha, a one hundred pound Chocolate Lab. to bark and alert Mrs. Hodges. If that doesn’t work Martha hits the water dish with her foot, which sends it flying. The loud noise of the water dish hitting the floor brings Mrs. Hodges running.

Every cat needs a dog as a bodyguard.

Perhaps she wouldn’t have to fill the stainless steel bowls as often if we didn’t share them with Martha.

The three large porcelain bowls are always clean and the water is always fresh. Occasionally I have to ask Mrs. Hodges to flush them with the little silver handle on the upper part of the bowl on the left. So perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word, “always” to describe their state. Mrs. Hodges needs to have a meeting with the humans who live in the house.

Cats  prefer fresh water. Please remember to flush. 

All my best,
Love Pooh

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