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Cats walk themselves, a dog has to be taken for a walk

Cats don't have to be taken on walks

This morning Mrs. Hodges took my two bodyguards for a walk. We had a short meeting by the tall grass in my front yard before they left on their walk.

I said, “Martha, Penny, do not walk too fast. Mrs. Hodges hurt her left knee when she slipped and fell in the kitchen last week. And, when you drink water, close your mouth after  you drink, you drip water all over the floor and it is not safe.”

“Penny, sweet dear little puppy. Stop biting Martha’s neck when you walk. You are not being kind.”

Mrs. Hodges walked the dogs and I walked myself.

When they got back from their walk I was patiently waiting by the front door to be let in.

Dogs have to be taken for walks. Cats walk themselves.


“Mrs. Hodges, did Martha and Penny behave themselves?”

“Yes Pooh they did. Penny did not bite Martha and they did not pull.”

“Good job Mrs. Hodges, you may go and take a nap now. I will watch the dogs.”

“Thank you Pooh. You are very kind. Thank you for being such a good boss.”

I try to be a good boss. I am delighted that Mrs. Hodges recognizes my skill at managing her and the household.

Did you go for a walk today?  Did you take an independent walk like a cat, or did someone have to take you for a walk on a lease? Please tell me in the comments. I really want to know. 


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